Leupold VX-3i

Designed, machined and assembled in the United States, the new Leupold VX-3i is designed to deliver a finely balanced optical performance and to help keep hunters in the field longer. More than just light transmission, the Twilight Max light management system balances light across the visible spectrum, leading to a brighter, crisper image. The Twilight Max system also eliminates the washed-out image than can come from direct sunlight. 


Leupold’s innovation in light management, the Twilight Max light management system, enhances brightness, color and clarity, especially in low-light conditions. By balancing the available light across the entire spectrum, the VX-3i allows for enhanced target acquisition, identification and shot placement in diminished light. From the end of the day, to heavy overcast to deep canyons, the Twilight Max light management system will let hunters see, identify and deliver a precise shot on game animals in low-light settings. 

The VX-3i also features an easier-to-turn power selector, with a more aggressive knurl, making adjustments easy to operate, even when wearing heavy gloves. A bold tactile power indicator lets hunters know what magnification the VX-3i is set at, without having to raise their heads. 

A new dual spring precision adjustment system provides match-grade accuracy adjustments, while maintaining its in-the-field ruggedness and durability. Once hunters have the VX-3i zeroed, they can remain confident that it’s good to go. 

Boss H Drive  


BOSS DRIVES, LLC in Sulphur, LA is manufacturing a powerful new gear driven surface drive shallow water outboard, the Boss H Drive, with three models to choose from, the H3500, H3700EFI and a high performance model, the H4400.  The H3500 and H3700EFI models are powered by a 993 cc Briggs & Stratton Four Stroke Vanguard engine.  The H4400 is a High Performance model with a Briggs engine that has been modified by Arkmos Engineering.  The H4400 features a 42mm Mikuni Carburetor, Iron Mountain Heads and a Stainless BPS Hi Flow “Q” Muffler.  Boss motors are “mud churning, stump grinding, impact balanced beasts” and all models are loaded with exclusive standard features such as Mercury Bravo gears rated for 500 h.p., “on the fly” Forward-Neutral-Reverse, Mercury-built 8,300 lb. Hydraulic Trim, 12” Stainless Big Blade Propellers and a host of other features to help sportsmen get to and from places where other outboard motors would dare not go.  All BOSS Drive models can now be rigged with an innovative, industry leading remote steering system.  Boss motors are available in Standard Paint, Boss Grass and Boss Nat Gear.   Visit www.bossdrives.com to locate a dealer near you.

Changing the Way You Buy Optics

TRACT Optics is doing things differently. Period. As an optics company producing quality binoculars and riflescopes for a reasonable price, we have created a business model that makes the customer’s experience a top priority. The direct to consumer model cuts out the middleman and gives the consumer a higher quality product with a higher value at a price that is hundreds of dollars less then comparable product sold through retail stores. Since TRACT product cannot be found in stores and are only available on our website, we developed the 7 day In-Field Trial for potential customers to be able to take their time and experience the product first hand.


“The 7 day In-Field Trial allows you to test a pair of binoculars for a full week at no cost,” said Jon Allen, CoFounder. “If you like them, keep them. Pretty simple.”

Plus, the TRACT Trust Assurance guarantees the functionality of the product for the duration of its lifetime whether you’re the original owner or not. We believe the customer’s experience is our responsibility.

If it’s binoculars you need, choose between the flagship TORIC or TEKOA workhorse model, both of which come in 8×42 or 10×42 versions. TRACT’s Ultra High Definition technology is maximized by all of the elements that are part of the optical system, including Extra Low Dispersion Glass, Super High Reflection Dielectric Coated and Phase Correction Coated Prisms, Fully Multicoated Lenses and Prisms. These ingredients in a sleek design and Super-tough rubber armored body make TRACT binoculars easy to pack and extremely durable while producing crystal clear imagery in virtually any lighting situation.

A full line of hunting riflescopes as well as AR caliber specific scopes and rimfire models will be available in May.

“I am sure there are people who think we are crazy for trying to start our own company in the already saturated optics market,” said CoFounder Jon LaCorte, “But this is a different kind of company with a different way of doing business and in many ways we think it’s the future of product purchases in America.”

TRACT’s comprehensive, educational website will serve as a resource for the optics community through blogs, videos and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Riflescopes will be available in early 2016.

Visit TractOptics.com to learn more.

McCain Rods and Line Cutterz Join Forces 

McCain High Performance (MHP) Rods announced it will partner with Texas-based Line Cutterz to offer a complimentary line-cutting ring with every MHP Rod purchased.

Line Cutterz is a sleek, fully-adjustable ring designed to quickly and effortlessly cut through the toughest mono-filament and braided fishing lines like butter. Line Cutterz rings are perfect for offshore and in-shore anglers alike, and make line-cutting a snap. Users simply hold the lure and line in one hand and slide the eyelet of the lure through the ring’s top, leaving just the right amount of line to ensure the knot will not pull out, then they’re back in action for another cast.

“When every cast counts, you need the right tools at your disposal,” said Morgan McCain of MHP Rods. “MHP Rods are designed from the inside-out to offer serious tools for serious fishermen, and we’re thrilled to partner with the incredible team at Line Cutterz to share this exceptional technology with our customers.”

An Electric Knife Sharpener for Sportsmen

Chef’sChoice unveilled a new and innovative electric knife sharpener at the SHOT Show this January. The ruggedly built Chef’sChoice Sportsman Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener Xtreme 317 was developed specifically with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. 

The  Xtreme 317 electric knife sharpener is the ultimate sharpening solution for applying hairsplitting sharp edges to virtually all  knives, including the heavier, thicker hunting, pocket and tactical knives. 

The advanced Xtreme knife guide system is optimized for accurate control of sharpening angles on thick AND thin blades. Eliminating all guesswork, it ensures uniformly sharp edges from tip to bolster on even the thickest of knives. .

Using two sharpening stages, the Xtreme 317 applies a double-bevel, arch-shaped edge that is stronger and more durable than conventional edges. Stage One uses 100% diamond abrasives for sharpening and honing and Stage two finishes the edge using flexible stropping/polishing disks. This two stage process results in a microscopically flawless polished edge that is superbly sharp and parallel to none. 

The Xtreme 317 quickly and easily sharpens both straight edge and serrated blades as well as double-sided and single-sided style knives. It’s ideal for sharpening sports, tactical, household and pocket knives.

The Chef’sChoice Sportsman Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener Xtreme 317  will be available in February 2016 in leading sporting goods, department, cutlery, hardware and specialty stores, mail-order catalogs and online retailers at a suggested retail price of $99.99.

EdgeCraft Corporation, home of Chef’sChoice, offers a complete selection of “field to table” products for game & food preparation.  Headquartered in Avondale, PA and marketed in over 70 countries around the world under the Chef’sChoice brand, products are sold in leading department, cutlery, sporting goods, cookware, specialty, commercial food service, hardware stores and mail-order and online stores.

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