Blue Wave Sets a New Standard

Blue Wave Boats by Parks Manufacturing located in Seminole, Oklahoma has an exciting new model that is sure to be another innovative and class leading design amongst the ever increasing center console bay boat segment and they have offered us a sneak peak of what they have been up too. 

(Top left)Development of the RS1 from concept to reality was a three year project for Blue Wave. (Top right)Popping the new hull from its mold. (Bottom left)Assembling the deck and hull. (Bottom right)Rigorous testing played a critical in the three-year development of the RS1.

The Pure Bay – RS1 has taken standard equipment and cutting edge hull designs to a whole new level. This project was an accumulation of 3 years of research, development, engineering, design and testing. The RS1 hull is designed to introduce aerated water under the running surface. This cushion of air that occurs behind the step reduces the hull’s surface contact with the water which improves efficiency over the entire speed range. This reduction in friction gives the RS1 a leading edge in fuel efficiency and performance.

Kevlar has also been used within the manufacturing process to add further unparalleled strength by using state of the art materials.

The acrylic dash comes standard with a Garmin 7610XSV and Wet Sounds Blue Tooth Stealth 6 Speaker Sound Bar flush mounted by the manufacturer. These components along with the Navigation lights, 3 stage Livewell System, Bilge Pumps and accessory lighting are all driven by C-Zone’s fully integrated digital network interface and allows touch screen control for the boats switching and display of engine information.

(Top left)The RS1 hull creates a cushion of air to reduce friction. (Top right)Owners
Richard and Steven Parks. (Bottom left& Right)Innovations abound in the RS1.

The innovative new option for the Clear Vision fore live well gives the ability to monitor bait or the condition of your catch in the live well from the front deck (and, quite frankly, just looks incredible). Stainless Steel Friction hinges are used throughout which alleviated the need for cables or shocks to keep each lid open. 

The front fishing platform has 2 rod lockers with integrated rod racks, anchor box and enormous storage areas that are not only insulated but also feature 1 1/2” drains that are plumbed directly overboard.

The front deck step doubles as an over engineered fish box, correctly named PermaCooler. The PermaCooler can be used as storage, cooler or fish box and has the high density insulation, design and structural integrity that rivals the high end cooler brands.

The rear deck features jump seats with arm rest and are both appointed by personal storage areas on each side with double LED back lit USB ports, cup holders and custom billet aluminum grab handles that fit flush with the walk around gunnel. These personal storage areas allow your guests to have their own area to charge multiple mobile devices at the same time while also keeping their personal effects out of harm’s way. Two additional rear storage boxes keep gear and safety equipment easily accessible and clutter free. The drain through soft matts at the bottom of each storage box and anchor box give your items a great cushion to keep them in place and not banging around.  The aft live well has what is considered the perfect size opening, pro air, recirculating pump and a 3” drain. The bilge area has a dedicated lid for easy pump inspection and access.

Overall length is twenty two feet eight inches with a beam of eight foot six inches. The Pure Bay – RS1 has many never before seen features and is rated for 300HP.

Edited by TF&G Staff


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