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A few readers have recently asked, and more of you may have wondered, why a fishing and hunting magazine such as texas fish & game would devote regular space each month to tactical weaponry and self-defense. These topics are covered primarily by Steve LaMascus and Dustin Ellermann in monthly installments of our Texas Department of Defense and Steve’s Texas Guns Column. But the question is, why?

The prevailing 24-hour/365-day newsfeed has minted a perception that our chances of facing violent crime are increasing. This perceived threat is further inflamed by high-profile coverage of mass shootings in schools, theaters, offices and other public gathering places.

There have always been lunatics in America, ticking time bombs that ultimately explode in random acts of unthinkable violence. These events of violence will, tragically, continue, no matter how many laws are passed to control either the guns or the lunatics. Meanwhile, violent crimes against individuals in the U.S. continue to fall—with the exception of war-zone pockets within a few mismanaged larger cities. The truth is, your odds of becoming a victim of violence are probably lower than those of breaking your neck in the shower. 

And yet, if confronted with a situation where having a gun—and knowing how to use it—might save your life, having the gun is a no-brainer.

To us, “knowing how to use it” is the important part of that statement.

As sportsmen, most of our readers are already gun owners and are quite proficient in all aspects of the safe handling of firearms. So, to us it was a logical extension to add self defense to the set of skills and gear discussed within our pages. 

Dustin Ellermann’s expertise with guns has been well documented. He captivated national attention by winning the third season of The History Channel’s popular reality show, Top Shot. He teaches responsible shooting skills in a series of Marksman Camps for kids. As a highly respected firearms expert, he has been recruited by leading manufacturers to test and evaluate weapons and accessories. This experience has given him unique and invaluable insights into the best tactical gear and techniques for self defense. 

Steve LaMascus has drawn from a long career in one of the most dangerous fields of law enforcement there is… patrolling the Texas-Mexico border. He has been in life or death situations, for real. There is a big difference between the concept most people have of a “shoot out” and the reality of one. Steve knows that distinction first hand. His knowledge of handguns, ammunition, tactical gear and hunting rifles helps set our gun and defense coverage apart from other publications.

With this level of expertise behind it, our carefully considered and well crafted advice on self defense is worth reading. At least, it is if you have an interest in protecting your family, other innocents, or your own life, should you find yourself in the unlikely scenario of a violent attack. 

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