Razor Dobbs bags buck with 10mm auto (video)

Using his Dan Wesson Silverback 10mm auto using DoubleTap 155 grain TAC-XP ammo, Razor comes across “an old battle-ax buck.”

It’s a mystic morning here at the Sandstone Mountain Range, and from the facade of these innocent looking boulders, I got a crack at an old battle-ax buck.

As he slowly draws his 10mm handgun, Razor is careful not alert the beast of a buck to his presence.

He lines up his shot, and with a single 10mm round, Razor drops the epic buck.

After a brief pause, Razor looks into the camera holding up his 10mm Dan Wesson and says:

any questions?



This is a clip from the RAZOR DOBBS ALIVE television series on Sportsman Channel.

About Razor:

Through the eyes of hunter Razor Dobbs, it’s a different world…a world of vibrant emotion and intense passion of dirt, thorns, tusks and antlers that he relentlessly pursues on a daliy basis. A survivor of a wild boar attack, a Cape buffalo charge, and a nearly fatal Elephant charge, he lives the highs and perils of hunting big game that most people only read about.


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