Containing giant salvinia in Lake Fork and other Texas lakes

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) and Sabine River Authority continue the battle to contain or wipe out giant salvinia on Lake Fork. The plant was first discovered in November of last year in Chaney Branch. TPWD spread a boom across the area hoping to contain the aquatic nuisance.

The giant salvinia in Chaney Branch has been treated twice with herbicide and it’s showing signs of decline from the treatment. The latest report available stated that viable plants are still in the cove. TPWD is scheduled to apply herbicide again in April.

The latest threat to containing giant salvinia in Chaney Branch is coming from irresponsible boaters launching their boats from private ramps and risking transporting these unwelcome plants on boat trailers to other boat ramps, or worse yet, to other lakes.

Lake Fork is one of 20 lakes primarily in East Texas where giant salvinia has been found. The concern is that during the growing season it can double in size every two weeks if left untreated.

Fishermen and boaters need to drain their boats, wash and dry them before moving from one lake to the next. Check trailers for any vegetation that might have been picked up. Fishermen are being asked to notify TPWD at 903-593-5077 if the plant is spotted on other parts of Lake Fork.

Tom Behrens: