Lake Fork listed as “suspect” for zebra mussels

TPWD standardizes zebra mussel classification system

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is updating its system of classifying zebra mussel presence in lakes to better describe the level of impact and align with standards used by other state and federal agencies. Under this new classification, Lake Fork is listed as Suspect as a result of the detection of a single zebra mussel larva in late 2015. This is a step up from earlier detection of zebra mussel DNA but to date no adults have been observed. The new system is laid out below showing the affected lakes;

1) Suspect – sampling revealed the presence of either larvae or an adult zebra mussel – Lake Fork, Lake Ray Hubbard and Fishing Hole Lake (a small lake connected to the Trinity River below Lake Lewisville);
2) Positive – repeated detection of zebra mussels or their larvae but there is no evidence of a reproducing population – Lake Lavon and Lake Waco
3) Infested – established, reproducing population of zebra mussels– Lake Texoma, Lake Ray Roberts, Lake Lewisville, Lake Bridgeport, Dean Gilbert (a small lake in Sherman) and Lake Belton

Remember to do your part to stop the spread of invasive species. Clean, drain and dry your boat, trailer and gear. It’s the law Texas.

Tom Behrens:
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