Bald Eagle Drops Out of the Sky and Steals Angler’s Fish

All I really have to say about this bald eagle video is: ‘Merica.

The bald eagle is know for its patriotic symbolism, but they are also cunning hunters and apparently pretty decent anglers as well.

While fishing at a know trout hotspot, YouTuber J. Wynans was enjoying a tranquil trip to the lake.  As he began to reel in his catch, he noticed a eagle coming in hot.

He was able to snap this quick, but, incredible video of moment when the eagle swoops in and steals the catch right off the line.

The eagle times the descent perfectly and as quickly as it hits the water, it is gone with the fish and part of J. Wynans’ pride.

Source: J. Wynans via YouTube

TF&G Staff: