Forgotten Texas “Bigfoot” video

In 1994, Texan Danny Sweeten captured a video of an alleged Bigfoot creature in the Sam Houston National Forest.

The clip gets little play in Bigfoot circles due to the plethora of video out there in the age of smart phones, dash cams and other devices. Still in the 1990s when this footage was shot and showed on national television it was a big deal.

The footage itself is not nearly as clear as the famous Patterson/Gimlin footage of 1967 from Bluff Creek, Ca. or even of other lesser known clips like the 1994 Paul Freeman footage but it was probably the first clip from Texas that got national media attention and if you’re a Bigfoot buff it is worth examining

The term “Bigfoot” was first used by a California newspaper in the 1950s but tales off strange, bipedal hair-covered creatures are found throughout Native American culture, including in the American South. The Louisiana Choctaw have stories of the “Nalusa Fayala” which translates to “long, evil being”.

Early European settlers talk about encounters with “wild men” which were said to be strange, hair covered creatures that looked like man in some fashion but on the other hand did not. Probably the most famous Texas Bigfoot story is the Lake Worth Monster, which comes from a strange case of sightings of white/grayish creature that allegedly terrorized night visitors to an area near Lake Worth.

Nowadays it would be hard to imagine anything much wilder than a whitetail dwelling around Lake Worth in the Metroplex but 4o plus years ago it was much wilder and whether the story is true or not, the environment around the area fit with the narrative a lot more than it does now.

This footage probably will not change your opinion of the Bigfoot phenomenon one way or the other. For those who think such creatures are real, it might be of interest. To others it will most likely be another blurry clip of something-admittedly strange-in a dark forest.

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