Griffin Armament .45 ACP Suppressor Review

The .45ACP is a great caliber to suppress due to its subsonic nature and heavy bullet.  For a while I’ve used my Silencer Co Osprey and recently I was able to test the Griffin Armament Revolution 45 suppressor.

The Griffin Armament Revolution 45 ACP suppressor on the FNX Tactical with Trijicon RMR and Streamlight TLR-1

The first thing I noticed about the Revolution 45 was that it was nearly the same size as my Revolution 9mm suppressor.  It looks as if they used the same tube material in just a slightly longer configuration.  This makes me think that if you wanted to suppress multiple sub-calibers the 45 can would be a way to go.  You could even purchase a 9mm end cap and that might dampen the sound a little more when needed.

The Revolution 45 was very quiet when shot wet by just adding 5cc of water into the can.  When it was completely dry in short configuration (off camera test) it wasn’t as impressive as the Osprey.  However with the Revolution you have more options.  One option of course is using it in short of long configuration, but another is serviceability.  I’ve heard several stories of the Ospreys failing on shooters, from the tiny alignment teeth to tube failures and the suppressor rupturing out the side.  To Silencer Co’s credit I’ve also heard positive stories of customer service in these cases, but I’d rather not have a headache in the first place.

Revo 9mm on top,
Revo 45 center,
Osprey on lower

Pistol suppressors can get quite dirty.  For long term performance I recommend a suppressor like the Revolution that you can disassemble and clean.  While it can be troublesome, an ultrasonic cleaner makes like much easier and your baffles will be clean in about two hours with no effort.

Tech Specs:

  • Overall Length: 8.2” Full size, 6.75″ (K config)
  • Attachment: Revolution booster piston or Griffin 3 Lug assembly (9mm only)
  • DB Attenuation: 28DB Dry Full size
  • Finish: Mil-Spec Type III Hardcoat Anodizing, Black Oxide, and Titanium Nitride

The Revolution 45 is full auto rated, works with 10mm, 40, 300BLK (subsonic), 9mm, 22LR (since you can clean it!) and everything in between.  MSRP is $850 but you’ll always find a better price from Silencer Shop.

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