Innovation is the Core Principle at Deeper

Deeper company is making a big impression on the international tackle industry. In a little less than four years the world’s first castable sonar has been recognized by prestigious awards at national trade shows in Australia and China. In addition, this ingenious ball-shaped bundle of technology became the first ever fishing tackle product to win an innovation award at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and was named Editor’s Choice by Fish Alaska and Anglers Mail magazines. 

“We started the enterprise four years ago with a confidence to develop our idea in accordance with high European quality standards, knowing we can count on compatriots engineers and programmers. We launched our first wireless Deeper Smart Fishfinder in 2014. We’re growing up fast and strive to leave our own contribution to the evolution of technology,” said Aurelijus Liubinas, CEO at Deeper.

Deeper family of castable sonar products.

The new extended product line is delivering a collection of innovative technologies, including extended casting distance and depth range, internal GPS receiver and other valuable features turning a smartphone or tablet to an advanced fishing sonar system.

The rebranded Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0 together with the newest Deeper Smart Sonar PRO and Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ it is now ready to meet the diverse demands of different kind of angling technique practitioners worldwide. The three Deeper echo sounders are designed to work in diverse depths and temperatures. From Canada to Japan, the Deeper products face no country or international limitations. They perform in all climates and suit all types of fishing. 

While Deeper products are facing major global interest, the Deeper team is building a worldwide network of professional fishermen. Deeper Heroes unite the fishing experts all over the world that share their expertise and insight for continued product development. Deeper Heroes are product loyal consumers who help the company to deliver best fishing practices into Deeper products. 

With its technological achievements, rapid market demand and significant team growth, Deeper is specifically precise when choosing its strategic partnerships.

To reach wider product distribution the company is now inviting retail professionals to ensure high performance services to its increasing community of customers worldwide. With its newest technical achievements Deeper Smart Sonar is now available to more global markets than ever before.

For information, email sales@deeper.eu,  call 813-579-5776, or visit their website at www.deepersonar.com.

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