Deputy Disables Thug’s Gun by Shooting Down the Barrel

In what is being described as a “one in a billion” shot, a Jefferson County off-duty sheriff’s deputy sent a bullet down the barrel a thugs gun when shots were exchanged after a robbery altercation in a parking lot.

From the photo released from 9News you can see an OD Springfield XD with the slide out of battery, loaded cartridge with the bullet pushed into the casing and a large chunk of lead in the breech of the barrel.

While it surely wasn’t intentional, it did disarm the robber.  Those with force on force training realize that it is possible the deputy was so focused on the weapon that he shot at it, or it was just in front of the lucky suspect’s chest.

Nevertheless, it’s one crazy shot that we will likely never see again in a real life encounter.  Unfortunately, now crazy progressives will be demanding all cops shoot weapons out of thugs hands in any deadly encounter.

Here is another legendary moment when a SWAT sniper shot a revolver out of a suicidal thug’s hand, and it was caught on video! : https://fishgame.com/2017/10/shot-seen-around-world-video/