Revolutionary New Formula from Tink’s

America’s #1 Buck Lure, introduces Boost73. Tink’s Boost73 is the first product of its kind, combining a product with amazing attraction while providing deer with the minerals needed to support antler and body growth. Formulated in association with the Enzyme Experts at Dead Down Wind, Tink’s Boost73 supports digestion to get the maximum potential out of your food plots and feeds. 

Tink’s Boost 73

Bigger, Stronger, Healthier Deer Herds With Tink’s Revolutionary NEW Mineral Attractant. 

Tink’s Boost73 offers six irresistible, super concentrated flavors for long range attraction. Boost73 is the only all natural attractant that combines beneficial minerals that deer need with a digestive enzyme to help deer digest more efficiently! Once ingested, the enzyme in Boost73 will stay in a deer’s digestive tract helping them pull additional nourishment they wouldn’t be able to get on their own!  Simply pour Boost73 onto the ground or a stump, refresh every 2-3 weeks and watch your deer get stronger and healthier. Flavors include Fall Acorn, Sugar Beet, Sweet Corn, Vanilla, Ripe Persimmo, and Crisp Apple.

“Tink’s Boost73 is a real game changer,” commented Chris Cobbett, Tink’s Director of Marketing. “The value is tremendous as hunters will now be able to truly get the maximum benefit from their investment in food plots and supplemental feedings. Being the leader in deer lures and attractants, this was the perfect next step for us. The scientists over at Dead Down Wind did a great job of utilizing a natural enzyme that is scientifically proven to maximize digestion.  Boost73 attracts deer from a longer range with our powerful flavors, promotes a stronger herd with added minerals, aids in digestion of whatever food source you provide or is naturally available to it…it’s the perfect product!”

WM10 WadeMaster by Hydro Glow

Hydro Glow Fishing Lights, known worldwide for its high quality 12v fishing lights, is very excited about its new line of lights designed specifically for gigging flounder.  They offer 2 models, one designed for “on the boat” and another for wading.

Hydro Glow WadeMaster

The WM10 WadeMaster features a high output 10w LED for superb illumination underwater.  The WM10 is a little over 4’ long. The WM10 is constructed of rigid anodized and powder coated aluminum to prevent corrosion and strong enough to withstand the rigors of flounder gigging.  It has a conveniently located on/off switch on the end, an adjustable shoulder strap to make it easy for using both hands when needed.  The WM10 is powered by 4 AA batteries so there is no need to drag that battery around any more.

The BF30 is a 30w, 12v high output “submersible” LED floodlight.  The BF30 can be used above the water or below.  Featuring an array of optical lens over the LEDs it focuses the beam to maximize penetration in the water.  You will be able to run up to 4 lights on a good marine battery all night.  The BF30 is designed for those fishermen who just don’t like spending approximately $1000 or more on a generator.  Leave the generator and get a set of the BF30 LED floodlights and enjoy the night without the noise.

For more information on the WM10 WadeMaster Flounder Gigging Light and the BF30 floodlight call Hydro Glow at 877.895.4569, email at hydroglow@gmail.com, or ask for them at your local tackle supplier.

Long Ranger Henry Repeating Arms

Henry Repeating Arms, known for their American-made lever action rifles and industry-leading customer service, seeks to enter new territory with their introduction of the “Long Ranger.” 

This new model is chambered in the ever popular .223, .243, and .308 calibers, all of which provide a huge step up in effective range when compared with their previous models.  It features a 20” round and blued free-floated sporter barrel supported by a lightweight aerospace alloy receiver and oil-finished American Walnut furniture with laser-cut checkering.

Henry Long Ranger

The new geared action drives a chromed steel bolt with a 6-lug rotary head into a rear extension of the barrel for a strong and consistent lock-up, which provides a level of accuracy that even the staunchest of bolt action enthusiasts can admire.

It weighs just 7 pounds and uses a transfer bar safety, so there’s no clunky external safeties to fumble with. Sling swivel studs are already mounted out of the box, and the solid black rubber recoil pad provides both recoil control and a non-slip anchor point on the shoulder for the quick follow-up shots where lever actions excel.

This premium rifle comes with an affordable price tag at just $1,014.95 MSRP, scope mounts included. Lever action hunting is more alive than ever, and now there is a new rifle on the market that will really reach out and touch some fur. To find out more about this new model and Henry’s other great offerings order a free catalog at www.henryrifles.com/catalog.

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