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July Can Provide Some Easy Pickins’ at San Antonio Bay

Capt. Chris Martin, who fishes the San Antonio Bay area,  says fishing can really be good out in the surf in July and August. “Try your luck at throwing top water bait. Start your day out early, be along the beach ahead of the morning sun.

“Anchor your boat atop the second sand bar, if possible. Some people like to put an anchor off the nose of the boat, as well as one off the back of the boat, that way they know that one of the two anchors will probably be able to hold the boat in place in the event of a gust of wind or brief summertime storm.

“As you get out of the boat and into the water, make your way to the first gut that’s just off of the beach, and toss a dark-colored top water bait in these shallows before the sun comes up. It’s a practice that has produced many large trout over the years, and it still works till this day.

It’s really shallow, so working a surface-walker in this water is only productive prior to daylight hours. Once the sun raises its ugly head, this skinny water begins to boil quite rapidly, and the fish relocate accordingly.”

Also lot of anglers may be lucky and realize “easy-pickings” as they free-line live croaker or shrimp in the surf.

If you are in the bay using croaker, Capt. Stephen Boriskie is telling anglers to slow down and get in touch with their bait and keep a tight line.

“Croaker is the bait of choice right now. You have to give these baits their time under water on the bottom.  Work them too much by reeling or popping too much and you will have a bait on top doing nothing. Look for active bait, have a good live croaker on your hook, and go get some better fish.”

Boriskie and his clients are catching specks on 8 to 3 foot drop offs with a moving tide around 3 knots.

Tom Behrens: