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Just wanted to say I love Jeff Stewart’s “Old Moss Back” blog in the Texas Outdoor Nation part of the website.

It brought back memories of chasing a big, old buck on our Lampasas County lease years ago. It is amazing how a single animal can be such a focus of hunting efforts and how years later you remember it like it was yesterday. Thanks for bringing that back Mr. Stewart.

Abe Gibbons

How cool was that photo and write-up on the white buffalo on the website? Chester Moore you are a blessed man for seeing that one. Thanks so much for sharing!

Larry Zaharris

Editor: I am a blessed man for seeing that. And you will be excited to know this month we have a full feature on that encounter that has a lot of information about the legend of the white buffalo and also bison in Texas. This kind of thing is what the Texas Outdoor Nation is all about and one reason we are framing a big part of our coverage to things “uniquely Texas.”

A Fishing Poem

Reader Heather Spears Kallus wrote us and said she was inspired to write a poem about kid’s fishing. We thought it was great so we had to share.


“Fishing with You”

What is fishing with you, my child, really all about?

Is it how many redfish, flounder, or the trout?

Is it about the lures, the rod, reel, or bait?

Is it about the time of day? Before sunrise or late?

Does it matter where we fish? A lake, the sea, or river?

Will the sky be blazing hot or so chilly that we shiver?

Is it about the size of bass, catfish, or a gar?

Is it how you cast your line? A foot away or far?

For me, it’s more about the catching, not only just the fishing.

Catching time and catching memories. That is what I’m wishing.

As you concentrate so hard on that fishing line,

I am thanking God above that He made you mine.

When a squirmy little fish wiggles in your fingers,

Around a moment such as this, my beating heart just lingers.

I smile because I love you and this time is what I treasure.

It’s not about the fish we catch or inches that we measure.

As you stand there waiting on the line that you have thrown,

It gives me time to look at you and see how you have grown.

When you stare at your cork bobbing in the sea,

That gives me a chance to realize how much you mean to me.

When you yell hysterically, “Woo-hoo! This one’s a keeper!”

I recognize my love for you has only gotten deeper.

We’ll be fishing. I’ll be catching…precious time with you.

Catching moments left and right. That is what I’ll do.

So when you ask if I will go fishing with you soon,

You can bet that it’s a yes! I love you to the moon!

Cool Historical Tidbit

After reading your “must have” tools, it reminded me of my mother when she worked for the Bomber Bait Co. in Gainesville, TX. She worked there for 43 years from about the time of startup. Anyway to add to your tools are a few assorted nails. The way they put the eyes on the bombers were with a nail head. They would pour paint in a small flat container (jar lid) and dip the head of a nail in the paint and apply it to the plug. It was all done free hand. Just wanted to pass it along.

W.D. “Hoot” Gibson

Gunnin’ Gobbler

My wife raises Eastern Wild Turkeys and I was sighting in my scope when GiGi flew up on the deck to check to see if she could help and if I was doing it right!

Steve Flores




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