How .22LR is Made [VIDEO]

Although small in size, .22LR ammunition is surprisingly complex to manufacture.  

CCI is one of the top producers of rimfire ammunition in the world, and its trade secrets are closely guarded.  There was a video out years ago produced by Shooting USA that gets uploaded every so often to YouTube, but then is it always promptly taken down.

Recently my buddy 22plinkster was able to get a VIP tour of the CCI factory and he was allowed to film certain parts of the rimfire manufacturing process.  Watch the video as they show:

  • Cup Forming
  • Annealing
  • Wash & Dry
  • Drawing
  • Wash & Dry
  • Cap Forming
  • Plate Filling
  • Sizing
  • Primer Charging & Drying
  • Propellant Charging
  • Bullet Loading
  • Mating of Bullet & Charged Case
  • Bullet Seating & Crimping
  • Waxing
  • Packaging

All this makes me think that $0.04 .22LR round is quite a bargain.  It would be a nightmare to reload a .22LR, although it is possible.

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