3D Printed Revolver

This 3D printed revolver is a step up from the single shot Liberator we saw a few years back.

Although the argument for gun control should have ended in 1791 with the ratification of the Bill of Rights with the simple phrase “shall not be infringed”, progressives tirelessly attempt to erode our God given and constitutionally guaranteed right of the people to keep and bear arms.  This makes”DIY” firearms amusing because it proves that gun control will never work.  Heck, you can build a fully functional AK47 receiver out of a shovel if you really want to.  Is the ATF going to raid Lowes?

A few years back The Liberator 3D printed single shot pistol made national news, and then I recently ran across this 3D printed revolver that looks quite interesting as well.

3D Printed 8 Shot Revolver
Here is the breakdown. One bolt comes out to separate everything but the trigger. The handle has the required amount of detectable steel epoxied in to comply with the undetectable firearms act.
The cylinder, loaded. 8 rounds of .22LR
The cylinder, unloaded. You can see the stainless steel tubing inserts. They only go half the length of the cylinder. After that it's just rifled nylon.
Powder marks shown from test firing 20+ rounds. with no problems. The cylinder is printed slow and hot in taulman 618 nylon, and is extremely strong.
Muzzle End of the 3D Revolver.

The gunsmith printer calls this project the “PM522 Washbear” and claims it is his “under the bed gun”. It is legally registered as required by law in Michigan, and also contains enough steel inserted into the handle to comply with the undetectable firearms act.  I find the trigger pull of 20+ pounds a bit ridiculous, but the creator calls this a “safety feature”.  Evidence of test firing is shown on the firearm, but no target groups or ballistic information such as velocity of the fired rounds were given.

Would you be interested in a 3D firearm?  The cost would probably be attractive.

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3D Printed 8 Shot Revolver