Streamlight ProTac Rail Mount 1

New Streamlight ProTac Rail Mount 1 features Integrated Rail Clamp to Fit Picatinny Rails is a weapon-mounted light featuring 350 lumens and a dedicated fixed-mount for Picatinny rails. The light is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts operating under low-light conditions.

The ProTac Rail Mount 1 features a rugged, integrated rail clamp that securely attaches to rifles, carbines, and sub-machine guns with a MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rail.  Using a high power C4 LED, the light delivers blinding white light and a concentrated beam with optimum peripheral illumination. The “dual fuel” ProTac Rail Mount 1 accepts either one 3V CR123A lithium battery or one AA alkaline battery, depending on availability or user preference. 

Streamlight ProTac

Offering high, low and strobe settings, the ProTac Rail Mount 1 features a TEN-TAP programmable switch that allows the user to select one of three programs: high/strobe (factory default); high only; or low/high. The light offers users the choice of using a remote pressure or standard push-bottom tail switch, both enabling one-handed operation for all three settings.

With the standard push-button switch installed, the light is rated IPX7 for waterproof operation to 1 meter for 30 minutes; the light is IPX4 rated for water-resistant operation when the remote switch is installed.  It features an impact-resistant construction and an operating temperature range of -40o to + 120o F.

The new model is fabricated from 6000 series machined aluminum with a black anodized finish and feature a high temperature, impact-resistant Boro Float glass lens. 

The ProTac Rail Mount 1 comes with Streamlight’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

Can a Fish Hook be Too Sharp? 

Berkley hooks are engineered to be sharpest on the market.

Bass anglers understand the importance of sharp hooks, though most don’t practice their hook sharpening skills often enough. The new Berkley Fusion19™ hooks give novice and avid anglers the sharpest hooks that stay sharper longer than any other on the market. 

Berkley SWB70

These needle-point hooks are designed to withstand the toughest, thickest cover without damaging structural integrity. The traditionally rich Japanese philosophy of making superior swords and knives combined with a technologically-advanced polymer coating called Slickset™ gives anglers the advantage. Utilizing Slickset coating, Fusion19 hooks easily penetrate with less force to catch more fish, and conserve energy during long days on the water. 

The versatile family of Fusion19 hooks includes nine bass-specific designs including extra-wide gap (EWG), superline EWG, weedless EWG, weighted EWG, offset worm, dropshot, heavy cover, swimbait and weighted swimbait hooks. 

Each package of Fusion19 hooks features an innovative, resealable clam for easier storage. Fusion19 packaging helps novice and advanced anglers quickly, while fishing or at the store, identify the hook to best suit their need. On each package, there are easy-to-read keys to identify which soft baits work best with each hook.

Fusion19 hooks have a smoke satin finish and an MSRP of $3.99 to $5.99, in counts from four to eight hooks per package.

Rust & Corrosion Protection in a Towelette

QMaxx fans may think their favorite gun and knife cleaners/lubricants couldn’t get any better. But now BLU and Black Diamond are available in single-use Wipes for superior rust and corrosion protection in a clean, convenient, carry-anywhere packet.

When it comes to cleaning, lubricating and protecting handguns, rifles, shotguns, “black” guns, knives (and most sports gear vulnerable to rust and corrosion) QMaxx Wipes are large enough (7” x 9”) and tough enough for the job. The plastic, leak-proof packet makes it easy to take QMaxx anywhere. 

QMaxx BLU is the versatile 4-in-1 cleaner, lubricant, and rust/corrosion protectant and preventative. It’s safe for the finest firearms and professional/factory bluing finishes and protects longer than the competition. 

QMaxx Black Diamond is specially formulated to remove powder and carbon buildup in black guns while leaving a dry-to-the-touch protective coating. NanoMaxx Technology reduces friction on moving action parts, choke tubes and gas pistons and keeps black guns operating at peak performance.

QMaxx formulations are engineered using state-of-the-art science: All QMaxx products are heavier than water to push moisture away from surfaces. They bond with metal surfaces to stop existing corrosion and prevent future problems. 

Since 2010, QMaxx Products Group has been developing patent-pending, anti-corrosion, water-displacing technology to protect metal equipment, machinery, parts and gear for industrial, military and consumer markets. 

Direct questions about BLU and Black Diamond Wipes, call 1-888-389-9455 or email info@qmaxxproducts.com . Visit QMaxx Products Group website at qmaxxproducts.com. 

Hogue OverMolded Rifle Stocks

Hogue OverMolded rubber rifle stocks are molded from durable synthetic rubber that is neither spongy nor tacky yet provides a soft recoil absorbing feel without affecting accuracy. This modern rubber requires a completely different molding process than ordinary neoprene, resulting in a superior stock. The flexibility of Hogue’s materials and molding process has allowed them to produce rubber stocks with features that outperform others.

Hogue stocks

The design process for Hogue’s Tactical Thumbhole stock leveraged the company’s considerable experience in competition shooting. From butt pad to forend the emphasis on ergonomics and function is obvious: the forend is wider and more curvaceous than the company’s “Sporter” style rifle stock for more stability when used without a bipod; the pistol grip enables a natural, secure, comfortable grip angle; the cheek weld enhances fast target acquisition through a rifle scope and the bench rest hook opens up different shouldering options depending on the shooting situation.

Designed primarily for heavy-barreled (.920 inch diameter) 10/22 rifles, the new stock will also accommodate standard contour barrels. Tactical Thumbhole rifle stocks are available in Black (MSRP $109.95) OD Green, Flat Dark Earth, Ghillie Green, or Purple (MSRP $129.95 for colors). Like Hogue’s Tactical Thumbhole 10/22 stocks are also available for two-piece takedown style 10/22 carbines for both standard and .920 inch diameter barrels.

World’s First Magnetic Fishing Rod Roof Rack

With over 3 years of development and testing it is one of the most innovative and efficient additions to the sport fishing industry. Requires no tools or hardware, it’s ready to go fishing when you are. You can now transport 1 or 2 piece saltwater and freshwater rods up to 12’ long with spinning or conventional reels that are rigged and ready for action. MAGNERAK holds 3 to 5 saltwater or freshwater rods in various combinations depending on heavy or light tackle setup: 2 rods up to 12’ and 1 up to 9’ or 3-5 rods up to 7’ long.

 MAGNERAK M1’s 4 scratch resistant magnetic feet make it virtually impossible to move once attached. Safe and secure for US Highway legal speed limits up to 85 MPH. MAGNERAK is made with durable ABS plastic with UV protection and a glossy black finish. The device has a stainless steel hinge and lockable latches with keys. Your equipment is secured inside with Velcro straps and comes with a release strap to help you detach device. For a more permanent solution, MAGNERAK C1 clamp model is designed for vehicles with crossbars. Visit www.magnerak.com for more information. 

New Rooster Tail Minnow

Worden’s ever popular Rooster Tail spinner is now available with an all new body design. Called the Rooster Tail Minnow, the new spinner features a weighted body that has a realistic minnow shape and profile.

Rooster Tail Minnow

The minnow body is weighted and comes in a variety of different colors, matched up with the incredible pulsating Rooster Tail hackle, to make another version of the spinner to be used for a variety of fish.

In all the new Rooster Tail Minnow comes in 15 color versions and four sizes 1/16, 1/8, 1/6 and ¼ Oz. 

The new spinner utilizes the original Rooster Tail willow leaf style spinner blade making it a great lure for casting and retrieving, trolling and jigging.

The new Rooster Tail Minnow will be productive in all kinds of water and light conditions and should make the versatile lure enticing to trout, bass, perch, crappie and other game fish. 

For more information on the new Rooster Tail Minnow colors contact Yakima Bait Company at www.yakimabait.com.

The Remington Rescue Knife 

This feature-driven Remington R11517 Rescue Knife delivers safety and rescue benefits in one life-saving tool.  

The new R11517 Rescue Knife features a 440 stainless steel blade that measures 3 inches long and weighs in at 4.6 ounces. The skeletonized textured handle provides a sure grip for extreme use. The glass breaker feature on the handle of the Rescue Knife allows windows to be shattered in one strike. A seatbelt cutter hook blade is incorporated to make it possible to slice a seat belt in half without cutting the crash victim. It can also be used for treestand safety or other harness-related activities. The assisted open Rescue Knife gives confidence when protecting and saving lives and can also be carried for everyday lifestyles.

For More information visit bearandsoncutlery.com.

Serious Stopping Ammo in 7.62 x 39mm

G2 Research announces a specialized new 7.62×39 mm AK/SKS round for hunting and self-defense use. The G2 Research 7.62×39 Ripout Round is engineered to deliver serious penetration and produce a huge temporary and permanent wound even at the lower velocities inherent of this round (about 2,270 fps).

 G2’s 124-grain, pure premium copper bullet expands (or, more accurately, opens up) into three large petals (tridents) of razor-edged copper making a corkscrew-cutting chunk of hot, sharp metal about the diameter of a quarter; big by any account.

 According to company spokesman Chris Nix, “The design construction keeps the bullet intact, creating excellent penetration and a massive wound channel, resulting in quick and humane big game kills in this loading. It’s very efficient as a bush country hunting round and it is also suppressor-friendly.”

 Whether it’s the humble SKS the popular AK-47 or new model short-throw bolt-action rifles chambered in this popular caliber, if it’s low-recoil, accuracy and near-instant game killing performance one wants, the 7.62×39 Ripout Round is at the performance peak. Learn more at www.G2Rammo.com.

New Acme Rattle Master Sounds Off

Rattle adds compelling reasons for fish to bite.

Acme’s new “Rattle Master” adds sound to its roster of fish-attracting features! A jewelry-like finish draws them in while the built-in rattle closes the deal. Whether in fresh or salt water, pan-sized trout up to bragging-sized game fish, they can’t resist the Rattle Master. It casts like a bullet, and being made from solid brass, won’t bend, break, corrode or dull even in salt water. It’s great for vertical jigging during ice-season too.

Matt Bichanich, the National Sales Manager for Hard and Soft Fishing, the parent company of ACME lures, said that it was time to kick things up a notch for this proven lure.

“The Kastmaster spoon is iconic,” he said. “And catches all types of fish for open water salt or fresh water, but it also is deadly for ice fishing, due to it’s awesome finish that refracts light and pulls fish in. But we are always researching new ways to attract fish and adding a rattle does just that.”

There is no other spoon that is as versatile as the original Kastmaster, but by adding a rattle, Bichanich knew that they would have a bait that went the extra mile for anglers, looking to catch a variety of species.

“The benefit of the new Rattle Master is that a person can go out and catch nearly anything that swims,” he said. “From walleyes under the ice, to suspending crappies, to bass hanging on the weed edges, to Great Lakes species, an angler can fish with one bait and catch anything. With people battling a ton of events from sports to family outings, we wanted a bait that would give them the most productive time on the water.”

The new Rattle Master will be available in the Fall of 2016. The lure comes in1/24oz-3/8oz sizes in the following series: Tiger Glow Series, Rattle Standard Series, Rattle Tiger Series, Rattle Baitfish UV Series, Rattle Baitfish UV/Glow Series.

For more information go visit their website: www.acmetackle.com

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