Texas Tested: Stratus Support System

The Stratus Support System showing the knuckle attachment strapped to the buttstock and the beltloop receiver ready to accept the knuckle.

Stratus Support System Reinvents the Sling

Weapon slings have been around for centuries, yet not much has changed beyond overcomplicated tactical setups overcomplicated like the outdated “three point sling”.  But Stratus Support Systems has improved upon the sling system in a way that hunters and even tactical operators will appreciate.

The Stratus Support System is a two-piece part that doesn’t dispose of your current sling, yet improves upon it.  To install you simply strap the knuckle attachment to your long gun’s buttstock right behind the handgrip, and then string the beltloop knuckle receiver onto your belt. When wearing your rifle or shotgun the system will not only relieve your neck, shoulders and back from the weight of the firearm by distributing the weight to your hips but it will also secure it to your body so the gun doesn’t flop around.

I found this to be very useful while hunting when I spotted a sounder of hogs over a hillside.  I low crawled for 50 yards to setup for the shots.  Normally this would be challenging and very slow while trying to either balance the rifle on my back by the sling or cradling it in my arms.  However with the Stratus Support System in place the rifle stayed secure on my back while I just focused on a quiet and low stalk.

The knuckle design is solid and the belt receiver is well designed with flexible plastic that is quiet and secure.  I attempted to make the knuckle jump out of the belt unit by jogging with the rifle but it always stayed put.  However when you begin to pull the rifle into shooting position it’s designed to draw out smoothly due to the angle of release.

The Stratus Support System can also be used without a sling and the user can just hold the forward weight of the rifle balanced in his arms or allow it to hang by his side while standing around if your barrel length allows.

I’m also excited to test out the new picatinny rail knuckle attachment to secure my rifle while I’m riding my ATV.  I’ve found while riding my four wheeler through the forest with my AR15 at the ready position I’m always having to travel slowly and having my rifle bounce all around me.  However with this accessory I can secure the front rail of my rifle to my left hip while the sling holds the buttstock close to my shoulder ready for hog hunting action.

While this is a new product I’m also curious if it could catch on in the competition world.  Slinging all your gear for certain 3 Gun matches can be a challenge, and this could be a handy accessory to secure those bouncing rifles and shotguns for the run and gun stages.

The Stratus Support System retails for $24.95 including shipping and handling.  Portion of sales are contributed to Wounded Warriors.  Find out more at http://www.stratussupportsystems.com



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