Why You Don’t Load Pointed Bullets Into a Tubular Magazine [VIDEO]

Tubular Magazine Chain Reaction

We have all heard the dangers of loading tubular magazines such as the ones found on lever action rifles with pointed bullets because the possibility of detonation under recoil as the rounds are pressed against the primers.  But will it really?

YouTuber Taofledermaus decided to put this to the test by stacking 10 5.56mm rounds end to end inside of a acrylic tube and remotely detonated the first cartridge with a BB pistol.  The results were impressive.

Tubular Magazine Chain Reaction Setup

Not only was there a chain reaction, but fragments of the contraption flew a good 25 yards away.  Now this doesn’t exactly mean that a tubular magazine will detonate under recoil, but it does show that if it did, there would be a catastrophic chain reaction.