New Service a Dream for Sportsmen and Guides

Dream Sporting Trips has launched the first service designed to benefit sportsmen and guides alike.

Why should fun be hard work? Shouldn’t finding a hunting or fishing trip be easy? If you’re lucky enough to have already found a great guide or know someone else who has, then you’re in a very fortunate position. For most sportsmen, it’s somewhat of a different story. Many sportsmen turn to the internet, believing that with its myriad of information it would be the perfect place to find a great guide. The reality is that it’s an experience akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

DreamSportingTrips.com brings sportsmen and guides together.

If you rely on general search engines, you not only have to navigate each guide’s site to find the information you need, but you’ve also got to be able to compare guides in order to make a decision. Do you choose the guide with the best looking website, the best pictures, or the best-written descriptions? Even if a guide’s website has all of those features, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in for a great trip. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply go to one place with a broad selection of guides, each having a detailed listing laid out under easy-to-read headings? A place with pictures but, more importantly, reviews so you can see what other people have said about their experience. And then to top it off, the guide’s latest hunting or fishing reports, giving you an even closer look at what to expect.

Launched in January 2016, Dream Sporting Trips offers a solution to the problem. The site features a straightforward interface and the ability to search for a fishing or hunting trip by species, technique, or location, allowing customers to easily and efficiently narrow down their searches. Guides’ profiles provide customers with the ability to peruse reports, prices, photos, and reviews. In the event a customer needs more information or wants to book, all contact information is provided so that they may contact each guide directly. Hours of searching to compare sporting trips now takes just minutes.

In order for guides to be listed on the Dream Sporting Trips’ online directory, they are charged a flat fee of $399 a year. There are no commissions and 60% of the annual fee goes directly toward advertising for the individual guide. This system was a deliberate design to put guides in a better position where, through Dream Sporting Trips, they can utilize a larger budget and a broader range of advertising methods than might otherwise be feasible. For those guides looking to further compete in the market, Dream Sporting Trips also offers a wide range of services that include graphic design, advertising, web design, marketing, and sales strategy.

The Dream Sporting Trips site’s emphasis is on a review system, believing guides should be allowed to compete based on their ability to offer great trips, not on how much money they are willing to spend. What Trip Advisor has been for travel, Dream Sporting Trips aims to be for outdoor sports and leisure.

Recognizing that conservation is important to many hunters and anglers, Dream Sporting Trips focuses on integrating conservation organizations into their entire platform. Supporting six different organizations, guides are offered an opportunity to choose an organization upon signing up, effectively donating 10% of their signup fee to the organization of their choice.  

Run by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic team of anglers and hunters, Dream Sporting Trips’ number one priority is to improve people’s enjoyment of the sports they love while also helping the guides and outfitters who run these trips.

To get more information about the service, call (941) 677-2264 or go online to www.dreamsportingtrips.com.

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