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O ur publishing experience began in the daily newspaper business back in the 1970s. This golden age of print journalism was a good time to get a sink-or-swim education in mass communications. Daily newspapers were the inventors of the 24-hour news cycle. You either learned to work fast and meet the deadlines or you got your rear end chewed off and spat back in your face. The frenetic pace was exhilarating, but there was always a feeling that the work was never quite finished (“It’s ready when it ships!”).

Then, when the opportunity to move to a large weekly newspaper appeared, the thought of relaxing to a once-per-week deadline routine was welcome. But the pressure to fill weekly editions with as much content and business as possible essentially meant there was no change in the pace—or grind.

Enter Texas Fish & Game, a MONTHLY magazine we spawned from the weekly newspaper. Again, the appeal was for a more manageable schedule where time and attention to detail would be a staple rather than an out-of-reach luxury. And for the most part, the monthly pace has been more compatible with a normal person’s lifestyle. Seven-day work weeks and all-nighters still happen, but they don’t happen every week. 

The other side of that coin, publishing on a monthly rather than weekly or daily cycle, is that there are longer stretches between issues. In a world that is no longer satisfied with a 24-hour news cycle but now demands an almost minute-by-minute cycle, this can be a bit frustrating.

To address this frustrating dilemma, a few years ago we created an email newsletter. Working in tandem with our website, FishGame.com, our Daily Outdoor Briefing newsletter has allowed us to report on breaking news that is too perishable to wait for the monthly editions of the mothership magazine.

And now, under the expert design and execution skills of Editor-in-Chief Chester Moore and Digital Publisher Elliott Donnelly, this newsletter has been retooled into a full blown publication in its own right.

Monday and Tuesday editions focus on breaking outdoor news events.

On Thursday, we pull out all the stops and present a fully loaded edition packed with information that includes original, digital-only content. We’re calling this edition “Texas Outdoor Nation—State of the Nation.”

These newsletters contain interactive features not possible in print. We’re producing original videos and scouring the outdoor web universe for other videos and content to package in an exciting, easy-to-navigate email vehicle.

This is a true “best of both worlds” scenario. We enjoy a relatively civilized pace that allows the crafting of a monthly publication to as near perfection as we are capable, and behind digital workhorses Chester and Elliott, we are also able to stay in step with today’s minute-by-minute information cycle. 

You can sign up on our website (FishGame.com/newsletter-registration).

E-mail Roy at rneves@fishgame.com and Ardia at aneves@fishgame.com


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