Long Range Archery – 160 Yard Grouping Video

While archers are breaking out there bows and getting them tuned up for archery season, check out how Cameron Hanes likes to practice – at 160 yards.  And it isn’t just a random shot either, he shows his 5 shot group.

160 Yard Grouping

He does explain that this isn’t meant to be a practical hunting distance, but just a way to make sure everything is tuned correctly.  Notice how he talks about having to hold differently just because of the 5 yard difference or even humidity variations.

Personally I’ve shot out to 100 yards and was able to pop 5″ dart balloons.  But a 60% increase from that distance sure makes a difference.

100 Yard Shots with Bowtech Insanity

How far do you like to shoot your bow?  Tell us in the comment section below!