Underwater Lionfish Eradication with a Suppressed Glock 9mm!

Underwater fish Glock shooting

Shooting a hydro-suppressed Glock 9mm at invasive fish gives an entirely new perspective on “fishing”.

If you ever were one to think fishing was boring, using a Glock certainly puts a new spin on things.  As explained in the video, Lionfish are extremely invasive and the FloridaFish and Wildlife Conservation Commission encourages divers, anglers and commercial harvesters to remove as many fish as possible from the water to limit the negative impacts to native marine life and ecosystems.  It’s easy to look at the Lionfish the same as the feral hog problem in Texas.

Courtland Hunt is a diver and firearm enthusiast who designed a way to use a Glock 17 underwater to harvest the tasty Lionfish.  As explained in this video he found the firearm firing underwater to be painfully loud to everyone in the vicinity.  So in conjunction with Airborne Arms and Lone Wolf they were able to design an “underwater suppressor” for the G17 that works much different than our usual above water suppressors.  In fact the underwater suppressor they ended up with was most like a giant flash suppressor.  And since it didn’t lower the sound signature above water it isn’t necessary to have the usual required infringement stamps.

Underwater Suppressed Glock

And as always the comments are filled with criticism of “damage to the reef” and more.  But every attempt was made to make every kill off the reef to limit any damage.  Yet since bullets lose so much velocity and power in the water by usually only traveling a few feet it makes me wonder if a bullet would do any more damage than a heavy spear gun would.  Courtland did use expensive lead free ammunition for this excursion.  And I’m sure he also has a cleaning regiment for the Glock after each saltwater soak.

Do you think underwater Glocks will become a standard piece of diving gear?



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