November Has Late Fall Action & Less Pressure

N ovember is, always has been, and always will be one of my favorite months to fish. Its arrival means that it is time for some serious fishing, or should I say catching, here on Sabine Lake.

We are experiencing the tail end of some of the best fall action the coast has to offer. November is, for the most part, an extension of October’s fast and furious bird chasing. Running and gunning is what we do mostly, and the birds, shrimp and fish do not let us down.

This fast action should continue until about mid-December. The cold fronts are becoming more frequent and intense, and that means timing is as crucial as ever if you are going to have success.

Staying home and watching football on TV is a good idea while one of these fronts is blowing through. Once it calms down, however, is an entirely different story. That’s when I hit record for the good games and catch them after I’m through cleaning fish.

One of the biggest advantages of fishing in November is that the lake is a lot less crowded. Most of the fishermen are also hunters, and a big portion of them are out in the field chasing ducks and deer. More power to them, but to be able to work the birds without all the competition is a much-welcomed change for us.

Dark colored soft plastics usually produce our better trout this month. Morning Glory and Red Shad paddle-tailed Assassins worked fairly deep should bode well on the larger trout, as well as some bruiser reds.

Hoginars are also proven red killers. You really don’t have much choice but to work them a little deeper, because they sink very fast. It doesn’t take long for them to get to the bottom as the north end and whole main body of Sabine Lake doesn’t get over eight feet deep. Give it a couple of pops, reel in the slack, and be ready to hang on tight. These fish will put your gear to the test so make sure your drag is set properly.

Top waters like Skitterwalks and She-Dogs in Bone and Black with Chartreuse will also result in some exciting blowups. The fall flounder fun will also peak this month. If you’re craving some flaky, white meat for supper you should have no problem finding it at the mouths of the bayous on the eastern bank. Try to fish a nice outgoing tide early or late for a more consistent bite.

The ship channel in Sabine Pass is also a great spot for intercepting these tasty flatfish as they make their way to the Gulf. GULP! Swimming mullet and live mud minnows are hard to beat.




Location: Twin Lakes (Hwy 87 Bridge City)

Species: Redfish, flounder, crabs

Baits/Lures: Fresh shrimp, mud minnows, finger mullet, chicken necks

Best Times: Moving tides


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