Rattlers In Love

I would like to share a once in a lifetime experience I happened upon here in Central Texas.

A pair of mating rattlesnakes
from Central Texas.

This photo is of two “solid” four-foot  mating ratters I got in one grab from my snake tongs.  Talk about intense!

Butch Repa

Bobcat Question

I recently saw a little bobcat in my neighborhood that could not have weighed more than say 7-8 pounds. It was the size of a young house cat. Could a cat that size survive on its own? And are bobcats dangerous if they are in a neighborhood?

The editor recently photographed
this young bobcat.

Brenda Shook

Editor: I recently had the opportunity to photograph a young bobcat about that size in the wild. Young bobcats tend to not be as shy as the older, more experienced ones but they are as just as strikingly beautiful.

The cat you described is about the size of one that would be just starting to hunt on its own. A supreme predator, they are excellent at killing rodents and birds and in some areas large specimens have been verified taking down whitetail deer.

Bobcats are not considered dangerous to people, unless of course they are unhealthy or people harass them. Remember never to feed any wild predator including bobcats.

I hope you enjoy this photo of a bobcat I photographed the size of the one you described.

Keith Lake Question

Now that we have the ability to get into Keith Lake (in Jefferson County) via the new boat launch, I would like to know good fishing areas. I have never fished there.

Jack Herford

Editor: The best thing to do is go to google maps and scan the area with that. The spot where Keith Lake Cut enters the lake has a small reef. Great spot for specks and flounders. I don’t know the area that well other than chasing birds and looking for reds and fishing that cut area. Any of the canals linking the different smaller lakes going south can be productive as well. Be careful navigating though. Those areas get pretty shallow.

North Padre Coverage

I have been a long time subscriber and enjoy the magazine BUT there is one super deficiency: there is nothing about fishing in the North Padre area.

You have a guy write about Rockport and a guy write about the Laguna Madre from Port Mansfield south.

Am I the only subscriber from Corpus Christi? Oh and we have a lot of people come to the island from San Antone and other inland venues. Just look at the launch ramps at Billings Bait, Clems, and Marker 37 Marina.

It sure would be nice to read about “how to” in the Packery Channel to Baffin Bay area.


Henry Quigley

North Padre Island resident

Editor: Henry, we know and we are working on it. In fact, we should have this lack of coverage rectified by the January issue.

Educational Newsletter

I just wanted to thank you for producing the weekly educational newsletter. I am a home schoolteacher and heard about it by word of mouth. I have enjoyed it over the last year and use it frequently in our class setting. Our kids love the videos.

Jennifer Nelson

Editor: Thanks so much. Roy and Ardia Neves, our owners, have had a commitment to education for 25 years, distributing the magazine to high school wildlife classes. Four years ago we began doing the weekly newsletter and love hearing of home school families enjoying it as well as those in public and private educational settings.



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