Student Suspended for Anti-Gun Control Video Presentation

Hoplophopic school officials in New Jersey suspend student for having an “anti gun control” video presentation on a thumb drive.

Frank Harvey, a high school student from Manville High School in New Jersey, is reporting that he was suspended from high school after someone turned in a thumb drive that he forgot in a library computer containing a short video presentation.

School officials called the police, but Harvey war promptly cleared of any charges.  However school administrators suspended Harvey until he would submit to a five hour psychiatric evaluation before being allowed back in school.

Harvey and his mother are refusing to submit to the erroneous demands and are now pursuing his GED instead.

The video is hardly offensive or threatening in any way. It begins with a mugshot of a convicted felon who murdered someone while illegally possessing a firearm driving the point home that criminals don’t follow the law.

Then the video displays text of an armed citizen circumstance where a law abiding father defended his family and household against armed criminals.

The video then closes with lighthearted political cartoons mocking the ridiculousness of “Gun Free Zones”.

For this, Frank Harvey was kicked out of school.

I doubt such would have happened if the presentation were for gun control.

We keep seeing such anti-American pressures against our Second Amendment rights from leftist leaning institutions.  From punishing children for making a pointing their fingers like a pistol, to eating food into certain shapes, to wearing an NRA t-shirt to class.  It was even reported to me earlier this year that a student was reprimanded for wearing this Marksmanship Camp t-shirt to class.

It won’t be easy, but we have to keep fighting back to keep such foolishness from becoming mainstream and restore America to the values that we were founded upon.

Story by Dustin Ellermann

Source: NJ.com

TF&G Staff:
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