Sequel to Leupold’s Vendetta

Leupold has been around for years and continues to make astonishing improvements in the field of optics. This is a company that understands the needs of hunters and has always developed products with cutting edge technology. 

Vendetta 2 mounts quickly and easily.

We all know how Leupold scopes have helped hunters score on nice whitetailes during the big game season. A few years ago, they came up with the Vendetta: a range finder for bow hunters that (once mounted correctly), proved to have stunning accuracy.

Leupold has taken it up a notch and now has a new and improved version of the Vendetta that they appropriately call the Vendetta 2.   I had the opportunity to field test the Vendetta 2 and can sum up my thoughts regarding this product in one word. 


I found it much easier to mount and adjust correctly. It really only took me less than an hour to adjust the 20 yard beam perfectly. The Vendetta 2 comes with a paper target and easy directions on how to adjust the offset so that it is accurate at any bow range.

Vendetta 2 automatically adjusts as you follow a moving target.

A nice feature included with the Vendetta 2 is the ability to follow your target and the Vendetta 2 will automatically adjust and give you the correct distance to your target with every step the animal takes! I love that feature. You simply press the button that you mount on the handle of your bow once to turn the unit on and once more to give you an easy to see read-out of the exact distance to your target. 

It is easy to see how the Vendetta 2 will produce more successful bow hunters and more importantly, less wounded animals. Knowing the distance to your target is paramount if you want to fill your freezer this year. Try it and I am sure you will not be disappointed at all.


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Roy Neves:
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