Texas Hotshots – First Big Flounder of The Year

I have been fishing hard this year and waiting on the flounder to start running. After multiple trips and hours on the water we finally caught up to the flounder. We had fished from daylight until 2:00 p.m. I seen some literal clouds of shad running through the area where we were fishing. I then seen some clouds of sand coming up from the bottom of the water. Next thing I notice was the water exploding and for the first time I seen a flounder come completely out of the water after the shad. We began to throw Berkley Gulp and started catching flounder every cast. The flounder were littering the bottom of the boat with the shad they were spitting up after we caught them. It was an amazing experience never to be forgotten. I limited out in about 20 min.

Big Bags and Catches:
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