Texas in December

I love America so much it hurts. As she struggles at the hands of political maniacs, my love and patriotism for her grows and I am driven beyond words to fight more and harder for her soul.

I thank God every day that I was born American because only here in the United States of America can individual citizens still experience some real freedom, genuine independence and the American Dream of pursuing one’s individual happiness.

But as much as I truly love America, I’m afraid I love Texas even more.

Only in the great Republic of Texas can we the people actually experience more real freedom, a better independence and surely the best example of our American/Texan Dream of honest to God individual pursuit of happiness.

I was born in Detroit, Michigan way back in 1948, and despite current inescapable evidence to the contrary, I swear to God the great state of Michigan and the amazing Motor City was for the most practical purposes just like Texas back then.

People dedicated themselves to earning their own way. Nearly all Michiganiacs took great pride in self-sufficiency, a driving work ethic, making their own way and showing pride of ownership. Neighborliness was ubiquitous, crime was rare, we loved our guns and hunting, fishing and trapping were still a powerful way of life for almost everyone.

You wouldn’t know it by the media, but many of those wonderful attributes remain alive and well to this very day, not only in my birth state of Michigan, but all across America.

I could live anywhere in the world I want, and I do; right here smack dab in the middle of heaven on earth-Texas!

There are many intricate pieces to the puzzle of life, and intelligent prioritization will always determine quality family time, but here in the mighty Lone Star State during the enchanting month of December, one would be hard pressed to find a more wonderful place on earth to spend the last month of the year.

Hunting is always good in Texas, but I am convinced that December is the best month of all.

The ducks and geese have begun moving down and the waterfowling opportunities here are what shotgunning dreams are made of.

Cooler days make for optimal conditions for bird dogs, and the blues and bobs and ringneck pheasants in the panhandle will provide some of the best fun days afield a guy and his dog could ever want.

More doves are in the state now and some areas of Texas rival the shooting frenzy found in South America slaughter zones.

Though I don’t do any fishing myself in December, all my fishing buddies rave about the incredible fishing to be had around the holidays and maximize their time on the water with family and friends in the 12th month of the year.

Of course varmints, hogs and exotics provide year round fun, sport and challenge statewide, but again, cool December days just make it all that much better.

Then there are the deer! Oh Glory Glory Hallelujah, indeed there are the deer, the world class amazing deer of Texas.

Deerhunting fanatics from around the world converge on Texas in December for the best deerhunting to be found anywhere on planet earth.

Whether it’s the trophy muledeer of West Texas or the diminutive Carmen Mountain whitetail subspecies out in the deep southwest, or the unprecedented quality whitetail hunting to be had statewide, Texas is the deerhunting capitol of the world, and I love it beyond words.

I know a lot of deerhunters all around North America and to the man and woman they all fall under one or two deerhunting dream categories. They have either all come here to deerhunt at one time or another or they are planning on getting here to experience it as soon as they possibly can before they die.

Christmas is the most powerful day of celebration for Christian families in America, but I am convinced that the many of us that celebrate the birth of Christ together actually increase the joy and family bonding when this special Holiday vacation includes time at deercamp together.

When it is all said and done, participating as dedicated hands-on conservationist servants in God’s miraculous tooth, fang and claw natural predator/prey season of harvest ritual is truly one of the most intense ways to praise Him and thank Him for giving us His Son.

The Nugent family sends our love and respect and a heartfelt Merry Christmas and good hunting to all our fellow Texas deerhunters in hopes for the best December deerhunting family time ever.

Tiz the season to be jolly, so aim small miss small and deerhunt like you mean it. We hope you open many special gift packages of backstraps!





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