Ultimate Apocalyptic Firearm – The Scavenger 6 Fires 21 Calibers!

The multi-caliber Scavenger 6 rifle ensures that you will have a firearm able to fire nearly any ammo you can find.

If you want to begin an interesting discussion just ask the question: “Apocalyptic scenario:  you can have one firearm, which one and why?”  Many will choose a 12 gauge shotgun for ammunition variety.  Many pick a .223/.556 AR style rifle in order to have firepower and access to popular replacement parts.  Some choose a .22LR in order to carry hundreds of rounds of ammunition in a small space and relatively low weight.  But Air Force veteran Tim Ralston says: “Why not one gun that fires everything?”

The Scavenger 6 looks crazy since it’s half revolver with awkwardly long cylinders and half rifle with an awkwardly low stock.  But the unique feature is the cylinder barrel, or what the designer calls the “CB”.  This “CB” as the name suggests is a rifled cylinder containing a 7” barrel.  The shown barrel is just a shroud that is there for legal purposes to obtain the requirements for overall length so that a tax stamp is not required.  I imagine in an apocalyptic scenario where National Firearm Act infringements no longer applied the hacksaws would be broken out to make this a bit more maneuverable.

Besides dedicated CBs that would fire 6 rounds of a dedicated caliber, the Scavenger 6 current design has three multi-caliber CBs that each fire 6 different calibers.  So instead of thinking of this as a multi-shot revolver, this options would more accurately be thought of as a bulky single shot.  Unless you have one of each different rounds loaded in each different chamber.

The multi caliber CB’s are going to be offered in:

Hunting CB: .243, .308, 30/06, .30/30, .223 and .45LC/.410.

Battle CB: 5.56, 7.62×39, .30/06, .270, .308. 7.61×51

Survival CB : .22, .38 special/.357 magnum, .45LC/.410, .223, 9mm, 45 ACP

As a marksman, I’m curious to the accuracy for having completely different calibers in the same firearm, or for that matter, the same cylinder.  Even if the firearm was incredibly accurate, your point of impact could change tremendously at medium to longer ranges.

While I cannot find an updated release date on the Scavenger 6, it was announced to hit the market January 2017.  I’ll give you an update if this project actually hits the shelf.

Story by Dustin Ellermann

TF&G Staff:
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