Wicked Grips – A Texas Tested Review

The spectrum of gun parts and accessories on the market today is simply incredible and sometimes even overwhelming. This is especially the case when you take a gun like the AR-15 rifle platform into consideration. I have accessorized many of my guns over the years and it is hard to find a gun with more accessories available for it than the AR-15 as it has such a modular platform. I was looking to dress up my AR-15 with a patriotic them. If you look at any of my other guns, will see I like lots of accessories but they have to be of high quality for them to make the grade for my use. When I found Wicked Grips, I was truly amazed at the quality of their collection of grips and other gun accessories. What caught my eye with them initially was the artwork they do in limited runs for pistol and rifle accessories and other gun parts. Now, on to my review!

When I received this AR-15 grip, it was securely packaged and it came in a black Wicked Grips branded tin which contained the grip which was wrapped in bubble wrap. I rarely see that much attention to detail in packaging and shipping in the gun industry and this was rather impressive.

My first thoughts on this grip was that it was solid but lightweight. I have never seen and anodized aluminum grip for an AR-15 before. Most grips for the AR platform are made of plastic and are not very comfortable. This grip had a solid but comfortable feel. The artwork was amazing. This was an older nostalgic looking design of an eagle and an American flag but had modern feel to it at the same time. I chose a patriotic art design because I love to show my love for our great nation. Just look at my last hunting video with my AR-15  and you will see my AR-magazine wrapped in the Texas flag design! I guess I just love to support my state and country!

Installation of this grip was easy. I had the old grip off my lower and new grip on in under a minute or so. Many of Wicked Grips products are called “Art Grips” as they are custom pistol grips that mends their artwork into durable anodized aluminum. After installing the grip and getting used to its feel, I decided it was a great product and well worth the price. The fit and finish is second to none.

Wicked Grips are not cheap as compared with other grips on the market but, as with most gun accessories, you get what you pay for in the long run. The way that these grips are designed, you can expect to have these grips on your gun for many years to come. I was thoroughly impressed with this company and the custom gun parts and accessories they offer. Check out www.WickedGrips.com for more information and to browse their huge line of custom rifle and handgun grips. Thank you as always for watching, reading, and listening!

Story by Dustin Warncke

TF&G Staff: