Textron’s Bad Boy Off Road

Bad Boy Off Road, a Textron Specialized Vehicles brand, has gone the extra mile so drivers can do even more with the new 80HP Stampede XTR 4×4. A gas-powered side-by-side, the Stampede XTR features four spacious, forward-facing seats and best-in-class 30 cubic feet of storage space to accommodate family and friends who enjoy working around the homestead, hunting the land or attacking trails.

Building on the success of the two-passenger Stampede 4×4 introduced earlier this year, the Stampede XTR has the industry-first extended cab, but with additional storage space under the front seat. Electronic power steering is standard. The Stampede XTR also sports a new color option: Electric Blue.

“The Stampede XTR offers the industry-leading Stampede features that matter most to drivers – power and a comfortable ride – plus even more space for people and to haul and store everything you need, whether you’re on a trail, on a hunt or doing chores on the farm,” said John Collins, Vice President – Consumer for Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc.

Features that separate the Stampede XTR from competitors and empower drivers to do more:

Bad Boy

Exceptional power: German-engineered, precision-tuned 846cc liquid-cooled, 80HP engine packed with 59-ft-lb of torque. Electronic fuel injection. Selectable all-wheel-drive.

More storage and hauling capacity: Extended cab keeps tools and gear dry and easy to reach. The extra six cubic feet of under-seat space brings storage capacity to a total of 30 cubic feet, the most in class. A unique Fast-N-Latch System utilizes specially designed connection points in the bed to securely haul a variety of accessories while maximizing bed space.

Comfortable ride: 11.25 inches of ground clearance helps avoid most obstacles. A smooth ride is provided by high-quality springs, performance shocks and four-wheel double A-Arm suspension with 9.5 inches of travel in the front and 10.5 inches in the rear. Front and rear sway bars help keep all wheels on the ground when cornering for increased traction and handling.

Superior driver experience: With a spacious 10-sq-ft opening in both the front and back, it’s easy to get in and out of the Stampede XTR. A 40-inch unobstructed view out of the front provides a full field of vision. An industry-best 5.25- x 3.25-inch LCD display is visible in any light.

GoFish Cam

GoFish Cam is the new tech that’s going to hook the fishing industry! 

GoFish Cam

GoFish Cam, a Texas based company, launches soon with an underwater action camera that’s designed to sit on your fishing line and work with a mobile application! 

The camera has a unique versatile design to allow it to be used for trolling, jigging, cast & retrieve, and bottom fishing in both fresh and salt water. It has a stabilized design, and allows anglers to record images up to 150 meters under water. It shoots in HD 1080p and has an infrared system for night vision. Its wide-angle field of vision captures all fishing activities and an integrated microphone will reveal the underwater sounds that you do not usually hear.

This camera has been designed to be used above the lure. The camera works with a mobile application so you can review footage quick and easy; see the taking of bait, see how fish are reacting to your lure, scout areas much faster and easier, and capture and share the action in a unique way. 

The underwater camera company was established in 2014 by two brothers – Brandon and Ryan Austin. They had the idea to create this underwater camera during a fishing trip where the big one got away. And after over a year of development and research the GoFish Cam was born.

The cameras will start shipping just in time for the holidays this year. In the meantime you can go view all the features and Pre-order a camera by following this link: www.GoFishCam.com. Use the promo code “TexasF&G” to save an additional 15% off the already marked down pricing!

Go Deep with St. Croix’s Mojo Jig

Jigging in a saltwater environment is demanding…of angler and rod. St Croix’s NEW Mojo Jig line of saltwater rods has been designed to exceed those demands. These rods have been tested from New England to the Gulf coasts to ensure each rod has the backbone needed to bring those fish up…and the action to make the bait dance…enticing those memory inducing strikes.

Mojo Jig rods feature a proprietary blend of SCII graphite with FRS technology. St. Croix’s formula, when matched with ART technology produces a lightweight blank that outperforms traditional jig rods…at an unparalleled value. Available in conventional and spinning configurations, each rod is fitted with a Fuji reel seat and corrosion-resistant Sea Guide guides ensuring anglers fight the fish…not the rod. St. Croix finishes these rods with Kigan hook-keepers and premium EVA handles. Dedication to details mean the guides receive an underwrap providing that extra protection before the two coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish completes the process. Mojo Jig delivers performance driven rods anglers can afford.

Mojo Jig rods were designed in Park Falls, Wisconsin and are handcrafted in our Fresnillo, Mexico facility. They retail for $200 and come with a 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service.

Get the Best…Boss Drives

Take charge with the most advanced and powerful line of  shallow water outboards  with three models manufactured in Sulpher, LA from Boss Drives. 

The lineup includes the H3500, H3700EFI and the H4400, which cranks out more torque and HP then any other product on the market.  This advanced lineup is the easiest to operate and is the SUV of the shallow water outboard motor industry due to their long list of features, overall performance, and operability that is second to none.  These reliable motors utilize cone clutch marine transmission technology that was developed to handle the high torque of V6 and V8 stern drives.  The power train is oil lubricated to provide the highest reliability, service factor, and ease of maintenance.  They are loaded with exclusive standard features such as, TRUE, Instant Forward-Neutral-Reverse shifting using the toughest, highest horsepower transmission in the industry, the  Mercury Bravo which allows for full power applied in the reverse position without fear of overheating or slippage as is the case with older technologies, Mercury Built 8,300 lb., Hydraulic Trim for unmatched performance, Stainless Big Blade  and Raptor Propellers, dual trim controls, tachometer,  and a host of other features to help sportsmen easily navigate shallow backwaters where other mud motors struggle.  All BOSS drive models can be rigged with an innovative, remote steering system that allows control of throttle, shifting, and motor trim in one outboard style controller. Boss motors are available in Standard Paint, Boss Grass and Boss Nat Gear.   Please visit our website at www.bossdrives.com<http://www.bossdrives.com> to locate a dealer near you.

Tempress ProBax High-Boat Seat

According to Alan Hedge, Professor of Ergonomics at Cornell University, it is estimated that 50% of the industrialized World will suffer some form of back complaint and many of these problems are related to poor seat design. 

How we sit and what we sit on greatly affect the health of our spine.  Add water chop, long hours sitting and the repetitive motion of fishing to already poor posture and most of us come off the water tired and in pain.

Boss Drives

TEMPRESS has teamed up with leading US Spinal Surgeons and Ergonomic Experts to create the break-thru patented ProBax Seat. ProBax is the only seat clinically proven to provide optimal long-term back and upper body support.

When our pelvis and spine are oriented properly then there is very little postural stress on our bodies. Better seated posture also allows our blood to flow more freely, opens up our chest cavity, and provides us with more oxygen.  Better blood and oxygen flow along with lowered body stress reduces fatigue, diminishes neck and back pain, and make us more alert for a successful hook set.

There is a direct connection between your seat, fatigue levels and back pain. Take control of your boating and fishing experience, take control of your body, and upgrade to the ProBax by TEMPRESS.   Made in USA. Visit www.tempress.com.

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