The King..Troy King that is…

If you ever wanted to meet a guy who you felt you have known for 20 years after 20 minutes then Troy King is that guy.

I first met Troy while working at a local wood mill. Troy ran a particular part of the plant that caught fire about twice a week. One day Troy came by the electrical shop where I worked and sat himself in a chair across from me and I think the first conversation we had involved duck hunting. I knew right then I liked this guy. Over the next few weeks we talked guns, ducks, deer, fish and then his two greatest passions, his faith and family.

Talking with this young man made it abundantly clear he had a good grip on the important Things in life. It didn’t take long until we had hatched a plan to go Crappie fishing. Troy had spun such a yarn about a honey hole so unbelievable that it seemed pure fantasy yet knowing Troy was not a man given to any untruths I had to give him the benefit of the doubt. Tales of two plus pound crappie just fighting to get on a hook and in the boat were the things dreams were made of.

Troy told me to meet him in the local Wal-Mart parking lot at about 3 AM. I have been up at 3 to chase deer and ducks but never fish. Well I met my friend like he asked and off we went. We made it to the lake and put the boat in as quickly as we could. Troy said we were late and might not get a spot. I was as confused as I could be. We jumped in the boat and went about a hundred yards where we saw boat lights one after another under a bridge. We happened to get the last open spot. I was still not quite sure what Troy had gotten us into here. We pulled in and tied off. I proceeded to get my gear ready when Troy told me the fish won’t be biting for a few hours. I’m sure I had a confused look on my face. If the fish won’t bite for a few hours why get up and out here so early. Well within minutes of getting the last spot under the bridge we had 5 or 6 boats trying to slip in with no luck. Boats were anchoring just outside the pylons waiting for someone to leave.

Daylight came and it was as if you turned on a switch. My rod tip doubled over and touched the water as I set the hook on a slab crappie then another and another. I could not believe it. In an hour we had 2 limits of huge crappie. We hadn’t even kept anything under about 2lbs.

Troy says “well buddy we better go clean these”. We reeled in and stowed away our gear and before we could even untie someone was bumping the bow of our boat trying to push us out of the way to get in our spot. It was like watching a shark feeding frenzy but with crappie boats, bass boats, duck boats and just about anything that would float.

We loaded our boat and headed to my truck. When we got to my truck it wasn’t even 9 o’clock yet. Troy handed me a bucket full of our mornings catch minus just a couple which he planned on having for lunch. I had the time of my life sitting waiting on the fish to turn on drinking coffee and talking family and faith. You know you are with good people when you are in an unbelievably awesome fishing situation but the memory is more filled with time spent with a good friend than the fish you were after.

Story by Jeff Stewart

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