Remember December – Lake Texoma Striper Fishing “ON FIRE!”

Lake Texoma striper fishing is on fire! The word is out about our striper fishing shrine. Devout fishermen are now making pilgrimage to Lake Texoma for some World Class Fishing.

On Lake Texoma we catch fish every month of the year. December has turned into our second favorite month for striper catching. This December the striper fishing is awesome. My son Chris Carey, Pro-Guide and guide team leader with Striper Express, worded it perfectly, “The fishing has been getting better every day, and now it’s as good as it gets.” Chris and his team of striper fishing guides have been catching up to a hundred fish per day. December is the beginning of Big Fish Season.

“Best Fishing Trip Ever!” That’s what Terry Neugin from Amarillo, Texas had to say. Terry is one of our customers that has caught the Lake Texoma striper fishing bug. He and a group came in for some December striper fishing this week. They have been on several fishing trips to Lake Texoma just this year. “Now I have fished every season on the Big T and have never had a bad day. I love it!”

For two days Terry’s group had been catching fish in the river channel, chasing deep-water schooling fish under the seagulls. For their third and final day of their striper fishing adventure Chris said, “Let’s try something new today”. Chris tied on Moe’s Nanna Shad soft plastic on a three-quarter-ounce jig head for each angler. He had figured out that the sand bass and stripers were stacked in coves and creek channels. The group motored to the back of a marina and caught 28 sand bass and 17 stripers in an hour. This is a wonderful lake!

While moving to another sheltered cove Chris spotted around a hundred seagulls wheeling and feeding on shad. They were just a bit out from the south shore in the open lake. Abandoning the cove and creek strategy, he positioned the boat upwind of the airborne flock. Then he set up a drift above a HUGE school of fish.

The digital fish finder showed a perfect picture – stripers 40-foot thick within the submerged river channel boundaries. Everyone grabbed a rod rigged with a two-ounce slab while the stripers continued their voracious feeding. Cast lures couldn’t hit the bottom without a strike. All heck broke loose with rod-bending and line-stripping action!

Catching and releasing fish after fish, they drifted and drifted with multiple hookups most of the time. The striper feeding frenzy ended only when the drifting boat reached the far shore.

One of the fishermen said, “We never even started the motor! How far did we drift?” “Over three miles” came the answer. They had found their schooling stripers at the Texas shore and fished them all the way to Oklahoma. “I love this lake” said Mr. Nuegin.

Bill Carey’s Striper Fishing Tip: With this last cool front, it’s RoadRunner time. The Blakemore Buck tail ½ ounce is our go-to Big Fish Bait. This is a different technique. This is structure fishing. Casting on structure means focusing on main Lake points, humps and creeks. The Road Runner is designed to fish low and slow for the biggest fish of the year. This is trophy fishing. The large female stripers are akin to a big buck. They are rogue fish and aren’t schooling with the other stripers under the birds. And the best secret tip is we place a 9-inch white curl tail soft plastic worm on the jig. The old adage, big baits catch big fish.

If you like the sounds of catching lots of mean, line stretching stripers? Remember December! You can contact us at 903-786-4477 or visit www.striperexpress.com

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Story by Bill Carey

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