The Connection Resolution

W ell, well, well, was that 2016 thing fun or what? I certainly had a wonderful time in my never ending inexhaustible celebration of life, liberty and my full-throttle passionate indefatigable pursuit of backstrap spirit happiness.

From the bottom of my forever throbbing all American rock-n-roll, venison infested heart and soul, I sincerely thank all those ultimate real soul music lovers across the country that fanned the flames of the greatest tour of my life.

And of course, I genuflect at the altar of my entire animal workforce TeamNuge- Virtuosos Greg Smith and Jason Hartless, the greatest band in the world, my world-class crew and management, of course my amazing family and the throngs of gung-ho maniac rockers that danced the MotorCity Madhouse Nuge-dance every night.

I wrap up a tour like that, performing my 6758th concert on September 3, 2016, in near disbelief that after more than 50 fire breathing years of the most intense rock-n-roll ever unleashed upon mankind that the old 68-year-old Motown guitarslammer can still pull it off.

I thank God every day.

Must be the clean and sober life fueled by the Great Spirit of the Wild and all those backstraps. Damn straight!

As I keep pushing headstrong into the winds of time, I remain humbled yet extremely motivated knowing that millions of people actually care what I have to say.

As I hammer away at this, my pre-hunt morning Facebook post reached more than 12 million people worldwide, and the responses can only be described as phenomenal.

There is only one thing more dangerous than a coiled rattlesnake within striking distance: Ted Nugent with more confidence.

As we wrap-up a diabolical eight year plus run of putrid anti-American politics that test the minds of educated people everywhere, it is reassuring and fortifying witnessing the worldwide celebration of self-evident truth, logic, honesty and commonsense that gushes forth on my website and Facebook by the hour.

And we are talking a united celebration by the greatest people in the world—hero warriors of the US Military and their families, law enforcement heroes and their families, and just good old working hard, playing hard American families that continue to make sacrifices and take risks, working harder than ever to remain in the asset column for their loved ones, communities, country, fellow man and the good earth.

To each and every one of you out there that lives the good life and proudly stands in the asset column of life, I thank you and I salute you all.

We are indeed Spirit BloodBrothers.

This cherished human spiritual connection represents the ultimate positive in life. To know is to connect. To stand up against the evil forces of political correctness is to deeply connect.

To defy the status quo together is to connect.

And so, as we buckle in to charge forth into the New Year 2017, let us continue to connect on all these self-evident truth, positive levels that manifested on November 8, 2016.

As many North American deerseasons, great fishing and trapping continues through the winter into 2017, let us as dedicated sporters increase our prayers for the wild things. Let us plunge deeper yet into the Spirit of the wild.

Let us never forget that the precious life giving gifts of hard earned venison defines a purposeful life well lived.

Let our New Year resolution be to connect deeper yet with good people everywhere. Let us increase our communication to fortify the American Dream against further erosion by power abusing political and media hacks.

Let us project our proud hunting lifestyle more than ever everywhere we go.

Let us push harder for a ten million NRA membership.

Let us hammer like we’ve never hammered before to remind our elected employees that they work for us, and that the US Constitution and Bill of Rights will determine their loyalty, accountability and job security.

Let us increase our guidance for the youth of America to better understand the reality and joys of God’s tooth, fang and claw nature as the ultimate high and the gratification of the aim small miss small disciplines.

Let us resolve to be better Americans and more demanding Americans than ever before in 2017.

Let us as hunters resolve to be better, more deadly, more proficient and more reverential reasoning predators.

The connection resolution is good for us.




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