Q’s El Camino Rimfire Suppressor

Q. You are thinking 007 gadgets right? Maybe that’s where Kevin Brittingham got the name for his new suppressor company, I’m not sure.  But what we do know is the new El Camino’s suppressor design shows proof of innovation and experience.

My first impression of the El Camino was how thin and lightweight it was.  Most rimfire suppressors are 1.0” and the El Camino’s specs show it as the same.  But it’s only the end caps that are that wide while the entire middle is smaller.  While it is stainless steel, it is nearly as lightweight as aluminum built silencers at 4.3 ounces.  But if you think that’s lightweight, a titanium version is going to hit the market in the future bringing the weight to nearly 2 ounces.  Whoa.

El Camino is full auto rated as well as capable of handling higher pressured calibers like .17HMR, .22 Mag, and 5.7x28FN. As you can tell from the attached video it is very quiet and it was built with accuracy in mind.  From Kevin’s stints at AAC and Sig he has commented that he has witnessed accuracy suffer in some silencers and so retaining accuracy was priority with this design.

At the range I shot with the El Camino on my Top Shot edition Volquartsen Custom I-Fluted rifle. If you think it was quiet in the video just imagine how noiseless it would be on a bolt action rifle with a sealed action.  I shot several 5 and 10 round groups with and without the suppressor with mostly Gemtech subsonic ammunition.  My best group of the day was 10 rounds in a less than half inch group from 50 yards and it was shot with the El Camino on the muzzle.  So I’d say it’s plenty accurate.

A sub-half-inch 10 round group from 50 yards from the Volquartsen custom rifle with El Camino suppressor

The El Camino disassembles easily enough with just a ½” SAE wrench or socket even though the takedown nut is much more decorative than a hex head bolt.  The baffles themselves shoulder together so fouling won’t fuse them to the side of the suppressor body.  Q recommends cleaning every 1,000 rounds.  My only concern is that with the shape of the baffles they might be difficult to scrub out once molten lead and carbon fuse into them.  However the baffles have a unique coating that might prevent substances from caking onto them.  That will be a test of time.

The El Camino disassembled reveals 7 uniquely shaped baffles.

You will want to keep an eye on Q.  It really looks like the know what they are doing.  In the meantime if you want to quiet your .22LR guns the El Camino should serve you well.  They start at under $400 at http://www.silencershop.com/el-camino.html

Story by Dustin Ellermann

TF&G Staff: