Whitetail Hunter Cossbow

The Whitetail Hunter Crossbow by Barnett is one high quality deadly machine. The camo pattern on the stock of this crossbow adds to the powerful look of this firearm. I found it very easy to assemble and mounting the powerful 4×32 scope was a breeze. 

The Whitetail Hunter proved to be incredibly accurate.

After shooting this beast a few times, I realized that it is so accurate that I decided to only shoot one bolt and then retrieve it. When I shot two bolts, they were touching each other! Now THAT is impressive.

The Whitetail Hunter has a smooth feel upon firing, unlike some other crossbows and comes with an adjustable shoulder butt. This assures a nice secure fit and will be comfortable for any hunter.

This Barnett Crossbow shoots bolts at 340 feet per second and only weighs just over 6 pounds. It has a draw weight of 160 pounds, making it extremely accurate out to 50 yards!

All in all, this is one bad machine…and I mean that in a good way! I can sum this up in three words…I loved it!

—by Lou Marullo

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