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A few years back I ran into a guy by the name of Dan Casper at a gun show.  He had a table set up with some beautiful bone handled knives that he had made displayed on it.  I am always on the lookout for a premium skinner.  I have a very picky pallet when it comes to blades.  Long conversations about knives and hunting lead to more in depth conversations.  Dan started out as a collector who loved knife making to the point of selling off his entire collection to purchase tools and equipment to start making his own.  That was  over 14 years ago.  

Dan had some very simple and highly functional designs with beautiful deer, stag and elk horn handles.  It didn’t take long for 7WEST Knives to become a social media friend and Dan to become a personal friend.  We discussed blades and metals as well as the types of handles I preferred as well as the usual pleasantries.  It wasn’t long until Dan asked if we could meet up while he was in my area one day.  Of course my answer was yes.  We met up at a local truck stop and when my friend stepped out he had a beautiful skinner in his hands that was for me.  Now I have had literally hundreds of blades.  Some good some great and even some that we won’t mention.  But this was a blade crafted by a master craftsman.  You could feel the love, quality and care in the blade when you held it in your hand.

I decided I was going to give this blade hell and hell is what it got.  In the next few weeks I threw it into trees and cut old truck tires with it, heck I even split wood with it by using a block to pound it through several pieces of oak.  It held up to everything I could give it without a blemish.  

My next order of business was to resharpen the blade and get it ready for what it was intended for.  Over the next few weeks I used it to skin squirrels, rabbits and even a few catfish.  It went through its paces without a hitch.  Soon I had about a 200lb boar to skin and it went through the hog hide lika it was butter and needed no touch up on the stone. It kept its edge from the start to finish. 

I used the knife over the next few months on every critter I could get an arrow or bullet into.  The knife from my friend Dan at 7West knives performed as well as some of the blades I have owned that had cost me triple what Dan charges. 

If you want a quality Texas built blade that will handle anything you can throw at it I suggest contacting Dan Casper at 7West Knives (281) 901-2231.  you can check him out on Facebook under 7West knives.

Story by Jeff Stewart

TF&G Staff: