Practical Tactical – 3 Critical Questions of Conceal Carry

When you are new to the conceal carry concept, there are 3 critical elements you need to consider.  Where to carry, what gun to carry, and when to carry?  These are all questions that only YOU can answer.  What works for me, very well may not work for you.  So, with that being said let’s get started on these 3 critical questions of conceal carry.

  1. Where you are going to carry- This is a question I get asked A LOT. In my opinion it is one of the most important choices you will make.  Where you are going to carry can dictate what gun you will carry.  So, I feel as though you should answer this question first.  If you are a smaller built man and decide to go with an appendix carry, you will have a hard time concealing a full size Glock or 1911.  I am not saying you can’t, rather it will be more difficult to hide with your frame size without wearing clothing that is quite a bit too large for you.  If you decide to carry in the small of you back, you also need to consider sitting and how the gun will rest on your back.  You will have it on your body most of the day, so you need to decide what fits you the best.  If you are a woman and decide to go with an ankle carry, that is fine too.  Most ankle carry weapons are sub compacts like a Ruger LCP or Smith & Wesson Bodyguard.  I personally use the appendix carry 100% of the time.  To me it is the most tactical and the easiest way to conceal my weapon.  Decide what is best for YOU and will be the most tactical location that is practical for YOUR day to day life.
  2. What gun to carry- I personally believe in carrying the same gun or at least the same style of gun year round. I don’t adhere to the winter or summer gun.  Find a weapon that you can reasonably conceal and still feel somewhat comfortable.  You should be able to tell the gun is there, but not to burden every day movements.  I personally carry a Glock 26 or Glock 43.  I have magazine extensions for both of them.  Both of these weapons have no cross bolt safety and are a good balance of concealability and power.  But, you need to see what you like and what fits you best.
  3. When to carry- The decision of when to carry is a very important one. For instance, if you know you are going to a school function for your child, you should know you can’t carry a weapon there.  Don’t be “that guy” who is on the front page of the paper after being arrested for carrying a gun into the night club.  People tend to think that bad things only happen a long ways from home and will carry if they are going on a trip.  However, most self defense cases are less than 10 miles from your home.  You as the armed American, need to know when you can carry your weapon and when you can’t.

Ok, I hope I have shed some light on the 3 critical questions of concealed carry.  There are many moving parts involved in your choice to carry a weapon of deadly force.  Make it a lifestyle and be aware of your rights and responsibilities.

Fortuna Paratus Remunerat= Fortune Favors the Prepared.

Story by Shane Smith

TF&G Staff: