Practical Tactical – 6 Self Defense Shooting Myths

In the 21st century we have this amazing mythical thing called the internet.  It is a treasure trove of information and misinformation.  We have all heard the statement “I read it on the internet”, so it’s true.

I want to go over some internet myths and gun shop talk about self defense shooting.

Myth #1- Always shoot a small, tight grouping.  There are 2 problems with this statement.  #1 It takes longer to shoot a small, tight grouping.  Time is typically not your friend in a self defense gun fight. #2 When bullets are hitting close to the same hole, you are tearing up less flesh, bone and tissue.  You are trying to neutralize the threat, not put 4 rounds in a 2” circle.

Myth #2- Aim at the heart.  In a self defense shooting, your fine motor skills will be less crisp and accurate as they are at the controlled environment of the gun range.  If you miss a heart shot, you may miss all together or hit non vital areas that could let your aggressor back in the fight.  Aim center mass and if you miss to either side you will still be hitting the lungs, sternum and other vital organs to stop the threat.

Myth #3- All I have to do is hit um with my .45- First off, there is no such thing as knock down power.  Everything revolves around shot placement.  A .22 or .25 can be just as lethal as larger calibers if they are fired into the right areas of the body.  Shot placement and the number of rounds on target are far more important than the caliber of your CCW.

Myth #4- Always double tap every time you shoot.  This sounds great in theory.  I personally hate the words “always” & “never”.  They will seldom ring true and be applicable in all situations.  I do believe in the double tap.  However, don’t set yourself up that every time you are at the range you double tap.  There may come a time when your aggressor has a bullet proof vest on and you need 6 rounds to stop their actions.  Keep your firing situationally based upon what is going on in front of you.

Myth #5- I practice with FMJ, so that’s what I carry.

Most of us conceal carry Texans will practice with FMJ ammunition because it is significantly cheaper than hollow point or other tactical ammo.  Hollow point ammo is designed to create larger wound channels and mushroom out to do maximum damage.  This mushroom effect will keep more of the bullet’s energy in the body and increase its’ effectiveness by causing more bleeding.  Also, FMJ ammo is more likely to completely penetrate your assailant and possibly hit an innocent bystander.

Myth #6- Reloaded ammunition is better than factory rounds.

Ok, please don’t be mad at me here reloaders, but hand reloaded ammunition is much less reliable than factory produced rounds.  In most reloading scenarios, you are using spent casings that have already been fired and can have cartridge issues that you can’t see or fail to recognize.  The metal has been stressed and manipulated to press the bullet into the cartridge. This process over time can cause the casing to fail.  Factory ammo is much more regulated and is more reliable than hand loaded rounds.

Ok guys, I hope you will read this and apply these to your own conceal carry lifestyle.  I am not suggesting just because I say it, that makes it true.  Read this, and test to see if what I am saying makes sense.  We have come a long ways from having a 6 shooter on our side and so has technology.  Just remember, it ain’t true just because you read it on the internet.

Fortuna Paratus Remunerat- Fortune Favors the Prepared

Story by Shane Smith

TF&G Staff:
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