Practical Tactical- Don’t be “THAT GUY”

Ok, I have watched the OCT gentleman have the interaction with Houston PD several times.  I have my own spin on both sides, and want to share them here to hopefully help you to see things perhaps in a way you previously missed.

Let’s start with the facts, at least 3 concerned citizens had called in to the PD about a man walking on a sidewalk carrying an assault rifle.  The officer asks the man for some ID and the man asks if he is being detained.  The officer tells the man, yes you are being detained.

I personally believe that the female officer did intentionally turn the camera away as well.  It is not a crime, but it certainly sheds some doubt on her thought processes.

The officer didn’t drive down the street and decide to stop this man on his own just to shake him down and be on a power trip.  What if the man was a convicted pedophile and was walking the sidewalk, you would then say, great job officer!!! Right!?

Texas is a license carry state and not a constitutional carry state.  That means that you have to have a CHL to open carry in Texas.  However, this doesn’t pertain to a long gun.

So this man felt as though the 2nd amendment gave him the right to not have to show ID because there was no probable cause to detain or arrest him.

I personally feel this officer did an outstanding job in dealing with a man who simply didn’t feel like showing his ID.  I feel as though once the officer has ran your ID and came to the conclusion you are not wanted or a felon, he would leave you alone and not check you again.

With that being said, what did “this guy” prove by doing this?  If you are pulled over at a law enforcement checkpoint simply for driving down the highway, you will gladly hand the officer your ID and proof insurance.  But when this same guy is walking down the street with an AR-15 he wants to ask if he is being detained?  It is called confrontation avoidance.  Simply show the officer your ID and I will bet you that you will gain the officer’s trust as a fellow sheep dog.  You will make the officer feel safer and he will respect you more for it.  The police are constantly having to look at things through the worse case scenario glasses.  Bad things happen, every day and they have to be prepared to deal with that.  Educating the public concerning open carry, is not the police department’s job.

In the future I hope that the 911 dispatcher will ask a few questions regarding the calls about people who are open carrying a long gun.  Questions such as, has he pointed the weapon at anyone?  Is he being verbally or physically assaultive?  Hopefully after these questions are answered there will be fewer calls for officers to deal with about citizens open carrying.

I personally feel as though the 2nd and 5th amendments are not really applicable in this scenario.  Nor is this man starting to quote nonsense about the King of England.

I am a huge supporter of open carry and believe that it is your right.  I once mowed my yard carrying my AR-15 and had the police called on me.  The officer walked up and made small talk and asked for ID, which I gave him and then he told me that the other people didn’t understand the law and that he felt better knowing that people were around to make our neighborhoods a safer place.

I am a member of the Federal Law Enforcement community and have the utmost respect for local PD.  Are these guys perfect?  Absolutely not.  Neither are you.  Walk a mile in their shoes or work a beat with these guys and you will earn a lot more respect for them I assure you.

Go to youtube and watch videos of people pulling out guns and killing police officers and innocent people and you will understand why the PD has to take these calls seriously.

Please don’t be “THAT GUY” Simply show the officer your ID and carry on.  Make small talk about your AR platform, carry positions, range training or anything else.  We are gun guys, and he may learn a little something from you or vice versa.

I hope this blog made you think a little bit about this video and try and see things from both sides.

Fortuna Paratus Remunerat= Fortune Favors the Prepared.

Story by Shane Smith

TF&G Staff: