Upper Laguna Madre

Jessica Barnett (left), age 11, and Stephanie Collins (right), age 10, both of Austin, along with their dads and Jessica’s brother Jeffrey, age 14, hunted the Upper Laguna Madre in January, where the girls harvested their first ducks (redheads).


Moore, Texas

Michael Padron shot this buck while hunting at Moore, Texas. The buck was 4.5 years old and was guarding a “hot” doe from three younger bucks. Michael was calm and made sure the shot was a good, ethical kill before he pulled the trigger. His dad, Mike, is rightly proud of this young man.


Port O’Connor

D.J. Jirasek caught this 42-inch redfish with a unique heart-shaped tail spot while fishing at the Port O’Connor jetties. The 28-pound bull was Jirasek’s personal best.



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