Intimidator Holster with Stun Gun Zapper (for reals)

Get a load of this “Intimidator Holster”.  It has a built in stun gun in order to keep someone from swiping your openly carried pistol.

Don’t get me wrong, I love innovation.  But sometimes there are some products that make you wonder if they missed the April Fools release date.  From what the video shows, the patent pending holster is designed for you to be able to reach down and activate a cheap zapper stun gun (not to be confused with a legitimate TASER) so it gives the perp a shock and makes them withdraw their hand.

Intimidator Stun Gun Holster

In theory it’s a novel idea. But the final product with the enormous steel framed holster doesn’t look that useful or practical.

Weapons retention is very important.  Law enforcement has entire training programs devoted to it.  It is also important to an armed citizen, especially if you are foolish enough to openly show everyone that you carry a sidearm.  But I just can’t get over how silly this seems.  Further, stun guns (again, not to be confused with TASERs which work in and entirely more effective manner) are more of a novelty than a viable defense option.  If you have ever been shocked by an electric fence made for dogs or livestock that’s the same sensation and power that stun guns have.  Will it surprise you?  Sure.  Will it stop or incapacitate an aggressive and determined attacker?  Not at all.

Before releasing a product to market, get to know your market.  Products like this lose all legitimacy when the designer models the product using an teacup grip on his pistol.

That grip though!

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