Practical Tactical – My Top 3 CCW Holsters

For all of us Texans that have made the decision to carry a concealed weapon of deadly force, we will now need to figure out how we will be carrying it.

It is of vital importance that you choose the right holster for YOU.  If it is not somewhat comfortable, you will find yourself choosing not to carry a weapon that day, or at all.

I will go over my personal 3 favorite CCW holsters.  Now, these are my favorites and I will list the reasons why.  I am not saying there aren’t other brands out there that make a great CCW holster.  It is just these are the top 3 in my experience of over 15 yrs of CCW.

These are not ranked in top to bottom fashion, just that each has its’ own particular set of pros and cons.

#1- Alien Gear- IWB Cloak Tuck.  This is an amazing inside the waistband holster.  They are made to your specific firearm and will be made to order.  Every Alien Gear holster comes with a 30 day test period, that if you are not satisfied, you can send it back for a full refund.  All parts of the holster including the shell have a lifetime warranty.  This holster will allow you to custom tune your weapon retention, ride height and can’t of the holster.  I personally love the 3.0 model and I like the old school leather instead of the neoprene.  They are made in the USA and cost between $30-50 depending on where you shop.  They ride on your waist great and will form to your body.  I like that I can grip and draw my weapon fast and effectively with this holster.  This is a holster you will put on every day and not even think you are wearing a CCW holster.

#2- Blackhawk Serpa.  This is an outside the waistband style holster.  It comes in right or left handed models and can be custom ordered to the CCW you are carrying.  I like it because unlike a leather OWB holster, I know the kydex will fit my weapon right out of the box and will not need to be broke in like a leather holster.  The Serpa has an auto release button that will retain the weapon until you depress it to draw the gun.  It will make a slight clicking sound to let you know that the weapon is secured in the holster.  Furthermore, when you depress this button your trigger finger will be naturally indexed on the side of the trigger guard in the proper position.  The Serpa holster allows you a faster draw since it is outside of your waistband and there is less chance it will get hung in your clothes.  This holster provides you a great deal of security.  The Serpa will retain your weapon in the event you have to run, fall or someone tries to take it from you.  It is extremely comfortable to wear and only costs between $35-55.

#3- Crossbreed Super Tuck/ Appendix.  No holster conversation would be complete without mentioning Crossbreed holsters.  These are without a doubt one of the best ever made.  I personally use the Appendix carry, but I know a lot of other firearms instructors who love the Super Tuck.

These holsters are custom made when you order them and will come in with your name on the back as well as a product number.  They do take a bit of time to get, but it is well worth it for what you get.  They cost between $60-$75 based on where you buy them from.  I like the leather and have not had any issues with it rubbing my side and chaffing me.  The kydex surrounds the top, bottom and outside of your pistol.  It is adjustable for ride depth and can’t positioning.  You can wear this holster with a shirt tucked in and that is a really nice feature of this holster.  You will just need to practice your draw sequence a bit more when you will be tucking your shirt in.  They also come with a lifetime warranty and will replace any broken parts of your holster.  Crossbreed holsters are a mainstay in the CCW community and are an exceptional value.

Well, I hope you look at some of these holsters and see if they will work for you.  I am not sponsored by any of these manufacturers, and these are my honest opinions regarding these products.  I feel as though once you find what is right for YOU, then you will carry every day and not even think about it.

I will put a link to each of these holsters’ website up so you can check them out.




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Story by Shane Smith

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