Get into Reloading for less than $30

Reloading is a great way to save money, or at least shoot more for the same amount of money. But if you think there is a several hundred dollar barrier to entry to reload, think again.

Just as the name implies, the Classic Lee Loader isn’t anything new.  But in all the hype and marketing of the larger and faster systems it gets overlooked.  Many shooters receive a Blue Press catalog and believe it’s going to cost several hundred dollars to reload.  But the truth is, you can dip your toes in the reloading water for less than $30.

Lee Classic Loader

Of course it won’t be the fastest way by any means.  In fact it will take over a minute per round with the rated 50 rounds per hour rating.  But it’s $30 and can fit in your pocket.  How cool is that?

As the video show, the steps are simple, but more tedious than a press.

  • Deprime
  • Resize the neck (this is not for semi auto/lever/pump actions)
  • Prime case
  • Pour powder
  • Seat bullet

You will need to supply your own hammer and find a way to measure powder.  You don’t have to carry a scale with you, because Lee also offers scoops that you can use to measure your loads.

This is also a great prepper item.  Not only is it compact enough to travel with, but it might be more reliable than a progressive reloading system.  I can’t tell you how many times my reloading time was cut short because of a broken decapping pin or stuck die.  Heck, while you are at it buy a bullet mold and you could be set for life.

Midway USA lists 15 different calibers for the Lee Classic Loader all at $28.99 from 9mm and other pistol calibers all the way up to 30.06 and 45.70.  At that price it’s tempting to buy one of every caliber that you own, just in case.

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