Griffin Alpha – User Serviceable 30 Caliber Suppressor

The Alpha suppressor from Griffin Armament breaks the mold from the standard centerfire suppressor cans with a big change – you can take it apart for cleaning.  And not only that – it’s lightweight as well!

Until now, centerfire rifle suppressors were permanently sealed. Rimfire cans always need to be cleaned, and pistol cans occasionally need to be cleaned.  But centerfire cans are such high pressure they just blow everything out.  But Griffin decided to break the mold with the Alpha allowing the user to easily disassemble it for servicing.

The Griffin Alpha stripped down along with the threaded push rod and other mounts.

It’s tempting to ask “But why?” but it’s better to ask “Why not?”  Don’t need to clean it?  Cool.  Leave it together.  However if you want to shoot filthy .22LR though it, nothing is stopping you now.  If you wish to shoot cast lead bullets through it, (normally another “no no”) go for it.  Want to dump a few mags of subsonic .300 Blackout? (another dirty round) you can clean it up if it start to see a problem.

No need to be worried about durability either.  The Alpha is rated for a 300WM with a 22″ barrel, .223 full auto in a 7.5″, and .308 in 12.5″.  You can even see one get well heated when mounted on a M240L belt fed machine gun.

Disassembly is simple using any standard CAR wrench to remove the endcap, and then Griffin also includes a baffle pusher assembly that makes removal of the five lightweight and single stainless steel baffle effortless.

The Griffin Alpha Suppressor with a 5.56 SBR

As shown in my video the taper mounts work very well.  I had experienced not properly thread locking a muzzle brake a few months back while testing the Optimus suppressor, so while I did thread lock the brake this time, I didn’t use enough for the solid taper mount and ended up removing the mount with the suppressor again. Oops!  But it does go to show how effectively it works.

Wrapping things up, the Alpha would be a great choice of suppressor for anyone with multiple guns, especially 300BLK, 308, 223, 22LR and anything in between.  It’s great to have the option of cleaning the can, and it’s 14.5 oz is surprisingly lightweight.  It is a little more costly retailing at $1,045, but we all know you will be able to undercut that when you go through Silencer Shop.  And if you purchase one soon from Silencer Shop you will also get a $200 store credit to use at Griffin Armament’s site to get any accessories you might need.  Win/win!