Gun Stuff: Dealing with Murphy

After encountering Murphy’s Law last week regarding a mismatched Black Rain .22 caliber silencer with Black Rain’s BRO Urban rifle chambered for .300 Blackout, it was time to go to Plan B.

I screwed-on a SureFire flash hider/silencer adapter to the rifle so I could do my range work with a SureFire FA762 can (obviously .30 caliber) I had on hand. Against my masculine judgment, I carefully followed the instructions that came with the adapter, and the adapter fit the threaded Black Rain barrel slicker ‘n snot.

Also, I phoned my contact at Black Rain to inform him about what the French would call a contretemps—and which we in Texas would call a royal #%&*-up. Understandably, my Black Rain colleague was embarrassed and eager to fix things, so within a couple of hours a replacement can was shipped “overnight” to my Class III dealer.

Now, we all know what “overnight” means when a week end is involved. My dealer will probably receive it the following Monday.

(Digressing from the subject at hand, do you know what “guaranteed delivery” means in the lexicon of overnight shippers? It means if you can produce your shipping receipt, the date is legible and the shipping record shows the package did not arrive on time—wait for it, wait for it—they’ll give you your money back!

So, no matter what missing the promised delivery costs you, that’s all your “guaranteed delivery” will get you in compensation.)

The Black Rain can did arrive as promised, so my dealer and I will go to the range mid-week and get my testing done before I leave for the NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta. However, I already took the Black Rain rifle and my SureFire can to the local range yesterday (Sunday).

The rifle and can did pretty well. I was able to shoot subsonic loads from Hornady, Cor-Bon and Gorilla Ammunition, but I was still struggling with the Firefield scope’s parallax. My best groups with all three loads hovered just under two inches horizontally at 100 yards, but scarcely ½ inch vertically. I think this rifle can do a lot better than that.

Before I go to the range to try out the Black Rain silencer, I’ll substitute another scope to see whether that solves the problem. I’ll let you know next week.

Story by Stan Skinner

TF&G Staff:
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