Henry Frontier Rifle – Factory Threaded and Suppressor Ready!

Henry Frontier Threaded

Lever guns like the Henry Frontier rifles are one of the coolest firearms to suppress.  Not only are they fast and accurate, the sealed action makes them extremely quiet as well.

With the increasing popularity of silencers major firearms manufactures are now bringing more threaded models to the market and Henry Repeating Arms is one of the latest to release a few models.  We were extremely pleased to be able to get our hands on a pair of the new threaded rimfires for our Youth Marksmanship Camp program and put them to the test this spring.

We already have 4 Henry .22LR rifles that we have used in our program with great results.  They are extremely solid, reliable, and accurate rifles.  Then we recently acquired several Bowers USS 22 suppressors to enable us to shoot completely suppressed at camp, however threading a factory Henry rifle is quite complicated and requires a bit of talented gunsmithing for the modifications.  Henry was aware of this so they released the factory threaded Frontier Model in the industry standard 1/2″x28 (Class 3A threads .400″ length).

The Frontier Model boasts of the same solid action as all the other Henry rifles, but with a 24″ long threaded octagon barrel.  This does add a bit of weight to the rifle, especially when adding a suppressor at the end of that.  But it’s the easiest way to allow loading of the 10 round tubular magazine.  However at camp we simply allow kids to shoot off of a supporting barricade and we haven’t had any complaints.

Nothing as quiet as the suppressed Frontier rifle with subsonic ammo!

The semi-buckhorn sights are also a welcome upgrade. All our Henry rifles have proven to be very accurate, so not being locked into a stair step ramp rear sight allows you to zero the shots exactly where you wish.  I was able to send a .22LR round through the 0.9″ bullseye hole of the Bullseye Challenge Target several times from a standing supported position from 50 yards with this rifle.

Half a squirrel limit with a few headshots from the Frontier Rifle

One small modification I made for the smaller framed kids at the Marksmanship Camp was replacing the full sized factory stocks with the slightly shorter youth stocks from the youth carbine rifles.  It’s very important that kids have a comfortable length of pull so they can run the levers properly.  The only other modification I would like is a rubber buttplate since the plastic plate is slick on some of the kid’s shoulders.

The Frontier model will accept 22 short, long, or long rifle rounds.  Using shorts will also increase the magazine capacity and stay subsonic so it’s worth considering.  You can also find a 22 magnum version, but it won’t be compatible with any other smaller calibers.  The threaded Frontier is listed at $502 which might sound a bit steep.  But remember, with a rifle of this quality, consider it an heirloom.

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