NRA Show Coverage: Part 3

The NRA Show continually impresses me each year with the range of products and services that are available to us as consumers. The field of options for hunters, shooters and general outdoorsmen and women continues to grow and I get excited as duck chasing a June bug with every one of these shows I attend. Our coverage continues!

Airforce Airguns

I initially wrote about the famed Airforce Airgun Texan in the March 2017 issue of Texas Fish & Game magazine in an article titled, Airguns for Hogs and Exotics. This airgun was the first and most powerful single shot big bore production airgun on the market and you may have seen their banner ads at www.FishGame.com recently. I shot a very nice wild hog with  my Airforce Texan last December and the cool new thing in production this year is the Texan SS, or Super Suppressed, version of this fine rifle. I have been a big fan of the Texan since it first hit the market and now that there is an integrally suppressed version of it requiring no tax stamp or special license to own! You can have one of these shipped right to your door. This is yet another Texas born and bred company and the Texan is now chambered in .308, .357, and .45 caliber. It is an inherently accurate, powerful and lethal gun, even at longer ranges than you might consider shooting an airgun. The older models Airforce offers such as the Condor, Escape and TalonP are also fantastic guns, especially if you enjoy the challenge of a single shot platform and making your one shot at a time count. I know I do. Airforce also offers a line of the Airforce International airguns as well as mounts and other shooting accessories for airgun enthusiasts under the BKL Technologies brand. I love these guys and expect even greater things in the future from them.  Check them out at www.airforceairguns.com.

Silencer Shop

If you have been on the Texas Fish & Game website long, you will have most likely seen the Silencer Shop banner ads and they are one of TF&G’s longest running digital sponsor for our website and newsletter. There’s no secret why this company is so popular. They make silencer ownership as easy and hassle-free as possible. At this show alone, they had multiple kiosk for getting folks starting in owning a silencer as well as 120 silencers on display from 20 different manufactures. This company rocks and I have enjoyed meeting the people behind this fine retailer over the years. They are simply wonderful to work with. Their new S.I.D. system simplifies the fingerprinting and the paperwork you will need in order to own a silencer and they carry silencers that fit just about any kind of gun you can imagine. They have an awesome website as well that walks you through all of the details and options you have for buying your next suppressor. I can’t say enough about these guys. Guess what? They are also a Texas born and bred company. Are you seeing a theme here? Check them out at www.silencershop.com.

Husky Liners

I published a Texas Tested article last summer on how I love my Husky Liners in my Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck and I have another Texas Tested article in the works for the new GearBox organizer that goes under the back seat of most newer trucks which I recently put in my truck. Their products are second to none in quality and fit perfectly every time. Their customer service is legendary and the many truck accessories they make are incredible. If you want to dress up your truck and organize your back seat area, Husky floor liners and the GearBox are both serious considerations to make. I snapped some photos of these products in action in a couple of brand new demo trucks another truck accessories company was hosting at this event to showcase how good these products look and how functional and practical they are as well. Check these guys out at www.huskyliners.com and find a product of theirs that will fit your truck or SUV.

G2 Research

In my last blog post covering the 2016 NRA Show, I found a company that makes some extreme performance self-defense and hunting ammunition and that is G2 Research. I am continually impressed by the new ammo options this company comes out with every year. The incredible expansion capabilities of this ammunition is phenomenal and lethal to say the least. To have a bullet “star fish” in expansion, as I call it, and make a devastating wound channel is the kind of performance we are talking about here. Their new product this year is the Telos line which comes in .38 Special+P, .380 ACP, 9mm+P, .357 Mag, .45 ACP and .45 Long Colt. The price point of this new line of ammo is less than some of their other offerings making it easier to stock up on and practice with at the range. I always tell folks looking into self defense ammunition to buy the best you can afford as your life might depend on it one day. This company also offers rifle ammunition in the Trident and Trident Ripout line in .223, .300 Blackout, 7.62×39, .308, .270, 30-06 and .300 Win Mag. This is a great company to check out at www.g2rammo.com.


I also had the chance to stop by and meet with the folks at Gemtech, one of my favorite silencer manufacturers. Their slogan is, “World Class Silencers”. They make some really cool suppressors, even one designed for the 1895 Nagant Pistol and the Mosin Nagant, which they had on display at the show. I am seriously considering acquiring one of these rifle suppressors for my modified Mosin Nagant as it is already in hunting configuration and is a great longer range wild hog and deer gun as the ballistics on the 7.62x54R fall somewhere between the .308 and 30-06. Gemtech also makes the integrally suppressed MIST .22 caliber rifle based off a Ruger 10/22 action of which I have pictured below. They also make a quick detach system for handgun suppressors so you can swap out cans in seconds. These guys make silencers for all kinds of makes and models of guns and had a whole wall of guns wearing these fine cans at the show. Check these guys out at www.gemtech.com.

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Story by Dustin Warncke

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