Armed Response: How to Act When Police Arrive

Put yourself in your local convenient store buying some beef jerky, peanuts and a monster when a guy comes in and starts shooting the clerk and other customers.  You immediately draw your CCW and stop the threat with deadly force according to the law. 

Then all of a sudden a Police officer arrives and has an AR-15 aimed center mass on you!?!?!  Wait a minute….I just saved several lives and now I am the “bad guy”??  The responding officer doesn’t know if you are friend or foe, so they still have a responsibility to identify you and control the situation.

Here are a few tips to keep you alive and out of jail after the gunfire is over.

  1. Safety- Is the scene safe?  The assailant may have an accomplice outside who is going to be extremely pissed off you just shot his crack dealer.  Make sure you put yourself in a position of tactical advantage where you can cover the main entrance as best as you can.  After the brass stops hitting the floor, keep your head on a swivel.  Not everyone is going to come up and want to pin a medal on you.  It doesn’t matter that you saved their lives’, many people don’t like violence and will react negatively towards you. 
  2. Comply- The officer is showing up to an active shooter situation and you have a gun in your hand.  They are legally bound to check you out and assess the situation.  COMPLY FULLY with the officer’s orders and directions unless you want to digest some lead.  I would suggest being prone on the ground arms out palms up with my weapon holstered if possible.  You need to know you will be put in hand restraints by an officer whose heart rate is far above 145 beats a minute, so be prepared for that and be thankful for it as well.
  3. Communicate- If applicable call 911 and advise the operator of the situation and fully identify yourself.  Give a detailed description of what you are wearing, physical appearance and that you are a conceal carry permit holder or not.  Do not approach the responding officers in any fashion.  Rather clearly communicate with them and do what they say. 
  4. Stay in your lane- IMO this is a situation in which I am NOT going to be flowing forth with answers regarding the actual use of force.  I will respectfully wait until my lawyer is present.  I realize this may result in a free ride in a police cruiser.  But, it will assure me of not letting my emotions overload my mouth and say something that could possibly indict me of a crime.  After a use of force, you will not be thinking clearly because it is a very unnatural emotional state of mind to be in.  So, keep your answers short and to the point or stick to “I was in fear of my life” until you seek legal counsel.

Heaven forbid you ever have to be in a situation like the one I described.  BUT, if you are try and keep these things in mind, they could save your life.

Fortuna Paratus Remunerat- Fortune Favors the Prepared

Story by Shane Smith

TF&G Staff: